Dally M awards 2022

Bit late starting the thread, but who do people think will pick up the Dally M & positional awards?

I think Ben Hunt will just hold on for the medal, due to the way voting favours the best player in mediocre teams & he was leading when voting went behind closed doors.

Fullback - Dylan Edwards
Wing - Alex Johnston
Centre - Joey Manu
Five Eighth - Cameron Munster
Halfback - Ben Hunt
Prop - Joe Tapine
Hooker - Api Koroisau
Second Row - Isaiah Papali’i
Lock - Isaiah Yeo

Coach - Todd Payten

Dally M Rookie of the year:

NRL - Jeremiah Nanai (North Queensland)

NRLW - Jesse Southwell (Newcastle)

Provan Summons Medal:

NRL: Nicholas Hynes (Cronulla)

NRLW: Toni Hunt (Brisbane)

Dally M Captain of the year:

NRL: Isaiah Yeo (Penrith)

NRLW: Isabelle Kelly (Sydney Roosters)

Dally M Coach of the year:

NRL: Todd Payten (North Queensland)

NRLW: John Strange (Sydney Roosters)

Dally M Player of the year:

NRL: Nicholas Hynes (Cronulla)

NRLW: Raecene McGregor (Sydney Roosters)

Dally M Team of the year:

Fullback - James Tedesco (Sydney Roosters)
Winger - Joseph Suaalii (Sydney Roosters)
Winger - Alex Johnston (Souths)
Centre - Joseph Manu (Sydney Roosters)
Centre - Valentine Holmes (North Queensland)
Five Eighth - Cameron Munster (Melbourne)
Halfback - Nicholas Hynes (Cronulla)
Prop - Payne Haas (Brisbane)
Prop - Joseph Tapine (Canberra)
Hooker - Apisai Koroisau (Penrith)
Second Row - Viliame Kikau (Penrith)
Second Row - Jeremiah Nanai (North Queensland)
Lock - Isaiah Yeo (Penrith)

Fullback - Sam Bremner (Sydney Roosters)
Winger - Teagen Berry (St George Illawarra)
Winger - Jaime Chapman (Brisbane)
Centre - Isabelle Kelly (Sydney Roosters)
Centre - Jessica Sergis (Sydney Roosters)
Five Eighth - Tarryn Aiken (Brisbane)
Halfback - Raecene McGregor (Sydney Roosters)
Prop - Caitlan Johnston (Newcastle)
Prop - Millie Boyle (Newcastle)
Hooker - Keeley Davis (St George Illawarra)
Second Row - Keilee Joseph (Sydney Roosters)
Second Row - Olivia Kernick (Sydney Roosters)
Lock - Simaima Tafua (Parramatta)

I don’t know how Edwards didn’t get fullback of the year when he finished above Tedesco

Tedesco finished 10 points ahead of Edwards. Another example of how the Dally M is skewed in favour of the best player in a mediocre team.

I always preferred the old RLW system, where each player was given a score out of 10. Gave a much better indication of who the best players were, and didn’t disadvantage players from strong teams.


Good Point, Mutley. Most games we play it’s hard to find a bad performer. That’s why Penrith is more a champion team rather than a team of champions, as the saying goes. That must surely mean that the points each game are spread around. As you point out, it’s easier to score under the current system if you’re a standout in a mediocre team.

I’d like to see a full points rundown to see how many of our blokes did well, plus their totalled score.

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Sorry to be a wet blanket but Daly M, who cares?

This year more than most just shows how flawed the whole Dally M system really is.