Djokovic - Joker or jerk?

You guys sick to death of this saga?
A notorious anti - vaxer determined to bend the rules in his quest to satisfy his ego at who’s cost ? Ours!
Mind you I think Tennis Australia are equally culpable of pandering to this guys wishes. So, does he go or stay?

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Well over it. Just deport him with a 3 year exclusion period - absolute entitled dickhead


False info on your Visa should be sufficient. Using the excuse that others filled our your application or whatever the document was is also a red light.

I am sick and tired of the wealthy, for no other reason than money, being allowed to bi-pass the rules.

If Novak was a Rugby League player, he would be an eel :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


starting to wonder if the indeterminable delay is not an accident. Cancel his visa a day or 2 prior to tournament proceeding. By time the necessary legal push and shove draws to a conclusion the tournament will have well and truly begun leaving him little choice but to go home.
And good riddance.


Don’t deport him. Stick him in jail.


Let him start teaching tennis on Manus island or Naru


I say send him packing.


He’s in for trouble across 3 countries;

Serbia- breached covid quarantine
Spain - entered country while covid positive, questions on his entry declaration
Australia - discrepancy on his visa application and entry declaration regarding Covid and travel.

All this on top of his non-vaxxed status.

Most people found lying on visa and or entry documents at best are immediately deported, at worst face jail time.

In some other countries could be hard labor or the firing squad.

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tie him to a tram and double jab him !!! :wink:

6pm Friday 14/1, visa cancelled.
Stay tuned for the next exciting episode. :upside_down_face:

I don’t actually care whether he stays or goes. I think the whole thing’s been a hoot. I’ve found watching his family’s press conferences from Belgrade and his Mum & Dad whacking on about him being tortured/leader of the free world/defending Serbia etc. really funny. It’s been a great diversion from all the news on Covid.

Also love watching how our glorious federal Govt manages to shoot itself in the foot and empty the rest of the barrel into its kneecaps no matter what the situation. In the end, I don’t believe cancelling his Visa had anything to do with Djokovic. They just took 3 days to gauge public opinion and figure out what course of action would be least embarrassing for them, despite the debacle the whole thing has been. Then they put the decision out at 6pm on a Friday night so there’d be less scrutiny on the evening news.

I don’t care about Djokovic. He’ll be ok, whatever happens to him - unlike those other poor bastards in the Park Hotel who came here from Manus Island under the Medivac legislation, had the legislation cancelled, and have been stuck there in limbo for years.


True. The only reason the government deported him the second time is because not doing so would be politically damaging to them. I would require them to admit they made a mistake and rectify it.

I’m not sure what it was going to do for them anyway, judging by polls, the government are looking at speeding off a cliff into the abyss. I’m not sure doing what they did will do anything to change that, regardless of what their internal pollsters tell them.


He initially seemed to treat this as some sort of joke, as if he was untouchable. But now the chickens might be coming home to roost. No wonder he is known in some circles as NoVax Jerkovich.

Djokovic loses bid to have deportation overturned.

The End ???

No Puss, season 2 of this will start in about 10 months time.

then he’ll surely be due for a ‘booster’ by then. :upside_down_face:

you know I’m a little disappointed with all this kerfuffle over an antivaxxer tennis player in the press, when Tonga nearly gets blown off the face of the earth. That not newsworthy ? What’s wrong with us ? :sleepy:

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Tall poppy syndrome Puss, as a society we play the man, I hate it.

At least with league I hate a team, not an individual :laughing:

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The visa was cancelled by ABF upon entry as the visa was ruled invalid by the officials ‘on the ground’ as the supporting information was not adequate. He appealed this and the cancellation was overturned due to the process being ruled invalid/unfair by the judge.
The visa was subsequently canceled again as the person had still not met the requirements. This decision was then supported by the court & he was refused entry, just as he was originally.

Hmmm, seems vaccination rules will preclude him from participating in a) the French Open b) the US Open and possibly Wimbledon.
But wait there’s more. Should he miss any or all his sponsors won’t be pleased.

The simple solution, get the ‘jab’ Novak.

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