Dog day afternoon

If the Bulldogs ‘mad Monday’ celebrations were a private affair,
what was the press doing there ???

Press are s’posed to report the news, not create it. Fine line?
RLPA should protest an invasion of privacy and the preposterous
fine imposed by the NRL shared with the Telegraph, for bringing
the game into disrepute.

Ha haaaa your funny Puss - I agree but will never happen.

If the ‘Mad Monday’ is a bonding hair let down end of season release with possible issues, why do they need to be in public? I heard Matty Johns say last night, they would have the entire stadium to em selves and could run riot.

What about Merrin doing his nudie run, it was at penny park in private but was still filmed and put into the media, I haven’t heard of any retribution for that…what’s the difference, the public weren’t there!!

$250,000. Wonder what the NRL fine for a real crime would be?

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