DWZ is to sign with Tigers

DWZ is about to sign with Tigers…and i guess his brother will shortly follow him in leaving the club

Whatever went wrong with him went wrong in an awful hurry…Captain of the NZ team and so badly out of form with us.

And i took offence to his “tackle” on Edwards…maybe that was the final straw.

Cya - I really liked DWZ but when he became an individual rather than a team player he was done.

Pretty much agree. It’s sad to see him go, as he was a constant in the side from 2014 & played a big part in our finals run that year. Ironically, Ivan Cleary gave him his chance.

I also understand his disappointment. He was the NZ Captain & fullback, but couldn’t crack the FB position at club level. He’s not the first, and won’t be the last, to leave a club to seek a chance to play his favourite possie.

Whatever happened with DWZ, our performances the last two weeks have both showed the grit & heart that’s been lacking most of the year. So, it’s hard to argue that he was a big part of the problem.

Best for all that he moves on.


OFFICIAL: Panthers have granted a release to Dallin Watene-Zelezniak

At last confirmed and there are still more to come…it won’t remedy our problems and in some ways may only sine a greater light on them but DWZ clearly had issues with his position at the club.

I guess it was a false hope to believe the transition to Cleary as coach would be seamless and without issues but to be honest i don’t thank any of us could have foreseen the mess Gould left

still more to come ???

There is reports that Tyrone Peachey could be on his way back to Penrith.

NRL.com reports DWZ has signed with the Bulldogs, effective immediately.

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Given his recent form and attitude, I cannot see him being immediately effective anywhere.


Too true, not sure a club like the bulldogs would be his best fit either, but then again I feel he has overvalued his worth in the market