Email Issues [RESOLVED]

We have had issues with emails for quite some time, with the changing of the “Simple Email Service” used in the past.

This issue is now resolved. You should be receiving emails from the website depending on your settings, this can range from topic reply notices, to weekly digests, to simple system messages.

While doing this I have also resolved a domain issue, and now the forum will open from the address (before this was being forwarded to If you have any bookmarks set to you will need to change them as this is no longer a valid address.

If emails become to much, let me know and I can adjust the settings based on your particular needs.


Took me ages to work out what to do, just kept getting messages saying I might be hacked etc. using the discourse site. I was almost going to give up thinking the site was a shot duck.

I hope not many others are as technologically inept as me :rofl: