Gallen gone for good?

Was a good footballer but average boxer. Don’t you think it’s time for him to hang up the gloves ?

I would like him to hang up his mouth. He is another who suffers from verbal diarrhea who’s opinion I don’t want to hear on RL or anything.

The once proud sport of boxing has become a circus.

A footballer goes 10 rounds with what we call our next future champion :flushed:

Yes there is something definitely broken with boxing. People train their whole lives to be boxers, win bouts and become champions, make Olympic teams etc and then people who played some other sport just turn up and either beat them or at least be competitive with them in boxing.

It would be like say Boyd Cordner turning up to Wimbledon & making the semi-finals of the men’s singles!

To be honest, I couldn’t stand him as a footballer, but seems to come across ok as a commentator.

He has been matched against no names in the ring, first real bout against an up and comer with half a chance, and he’s on his backside.

Says it all really. Too much emphasis in this country on celebrity boxing. You can thank “the man” for that!

He’ll end up on an episode of ‘the block
too late , he’s already had it knocked off !

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