Gould takes new direction

Its being reported Gould is now preparing to be a player manager

He must be missing taking the million a year from Panthers to now seeking to take million a year from players

Wonder if he will tell his clients his has a 5 year plan for them?

Please all use the Latin phrase caveat emptor…it might stand you in good stead dealing with Gould

… he’s gone, let it be.
Let’s concentrate on what’s ahead.

talk about it if you must but I’m ‘gussed’ out.


Funny, I started to read the story in the news and within the first sentence said to myself…I don’t care and closed the story lol - BE GONE !

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I am completely over him. In fact I was over him long before he even arrived back here ahead of the whatever year plan & the greatest sporting club in the world period. I too saw the headline & got straight back to MAFS - only joking about MAFS of course. :slight_smile:

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