Greatest Grand Final team?

Just a thought to keep things interesting over the summer. What do people think of the idea of voting for Panthers Greatest Grand Final team over the off season?

Each week vote for a position (both wings, centres, props & 2nd rows to be held together), followed by all in for the 4 bench spots, & votes for captain & coach.

Voting & discussion Monday to Thursday. Tie breaker (if required) Friday & Saturday (in the event of a second tie break I will remove my vote so a winner can be declared). Winner announced Sunday.


I’m up for that mate. Be interesting to see what people think.

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So in essence, 3 teams to choose from for all positions.

Gotta say, can anyone here pick a better benchy than Carty lol

Sorry spoiler…Note: I will only participate Monday to Friday, I try to avoid computers and phones on weekends !

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There were a few changes between 1990 & 1991, although the majority of the team was the same.

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I think 3 from 90 who weren’t in 91, Alan McIndoe, Chris Mortimer and Joe Vitanza

O’h and David Greene

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