Greatest Panthers Team Of All Time - Individuals

Hey all, first time viewer, first time signer-upperer, first time poster.

I am not a Panthers supporter as such however they were one of two teams I followed in the early to mid 90’s (Canberra being the other) before my Rabbitoh-in me hopped…Hopefully that’s okay.

Just want to say congrats to the GOATS, this is the greatest team of all-time - Entering Chicago territory and I believe Cleary will be an Immortal when it’s done and dusted.

However there has been plenty of great Panthers side from when I started watching the game until now - I am wondering what would be the greatest Panthers 17, if you look at individuals more so then how the past three-years has cooperated with us.

I suppose there is no one, right answer and I suspect people will have more accurate versions of this team than I do - after all, I am just an outsider looking in. But here goes it.

  1. Dylan Edwards

  2. Brian To’o

  3. Ryan Girdler

  4. Stephen Crichton

  5. Rhys Wesser

  6. Brad Fittler

  7. Nathan Cleary

  8. James Fisher-Harris

  9. Luke Priddis

  10. John Cartwright

  11. Tony Puletua

  12. Joe Galuvao

  13. Isaah Yeo

  14. Royce Simmons

  15. Colin Van Der Vooort

  16. Luke Lewis

  17. Joel Clinton

  18. Steve Carter

  19. Brad Izzard

  20. Trent Waterhouse

  21. Apisai Koroisau

  22. Greg Alexander

Gower, McNamara, M. Adamson amongst the unlucky ones.

I think Priddis was a cracking player and having not seen a lot of Royce Simmons, maybe back-end of his career but that 2003 GF, it was one of the best CC Medal performances I’ve seen, aside from maybe Cleary the other day.

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Welcome ftjp! great first post :grinning:

I have been thinking of this ever since the grand final.

Here’s my go;

  1. Edwards
  2. To’o
  3. Crichton
  4. Girdler
  5. Lewis
  6. Alexander
  7. Cleary
  8. Leota
  9. Priddis
  10. JFH
  11. Martin
  12. Geyer
  13. Yeo (c)
  14. Gower
  15. Cartwright
  16. Pulutua
  17. Sattler
  18. Carter
  19. Lang
  20. Luai
  21. Van de wort

Coach: Ivan

It was kinda cheating by me putting Alexander at 6, but otherwise he was on the bench or at 18.

Couldn’t find room for Fittler based on his GF’s with Penrith. Sad I can’t find room for Simmons either.

The forwards was by far the toughest, after last three years no way I couldn’t have Leota and Fish as my starting props.

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Welcome to Panther Pride @ftjp123.

This will make for an interesting discussion as the list people make will have changed quite a bit over time.

For example, this is the “Team of Legends” picked by a committee of local experts and rugby league pundits in 2006.

Team of Legends

  1. Rhys Wesser
  2. Bob Landers
  3. Grahame Moran
  4. Ryan Girdler
  5. Alan McIndoe
  6. Brad Fittler
  7. Greg Alexander
  8. Terry Geary
  9. Royce Simmons
  10. Tim Sheens
  11. John Cartwright
  12. Bill Ashurst
  13. Colin Van Der Voort
  14. Craig Gower
  15. Brad Izzard
  16. Mark Geyer
  17. Tony Puletua

I imagine punters today would have quite a different squad in 2023.

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Welcome to the forum.

A few years ago we voted on a team in this forum. The results can be found:

No doubt some of these would change if we were to run this again after claiming our threepeat this year.

I had been thinking about running another series, but don’t have the time at the moment, while focusing on a new job & some other projects (the result of one will be posted on this forum in the coming weeks).

My own personal selections at the moment:

  1. Dylan Edwards

  2. Brian To’o

  3. Ryan Girdler

  4. Stephen Chricton

  5. Luke Rooney

  6. Brad Fittler

  7. Nathan Cleary (c)

  8. Martin Lang

  9. Luke Priddis

  10. James Fisher-Harris

  11. Villiame Kikau

  12. Tony Puletua

  13. Scott Sattler

  14. Greg Alexander

  15. Moses Leota

  16. Mark Geyer

  17. Isaiah Yeo

  18. Craig Gower

  19. Liam Martin

  20. Paul Dunn

  21. Luke Lewis

  22. John Cartwright

  23. Royce Simmons

  24. Paul Clarke

Coach: Ivan Cleary

Hard to narrow it down!!!

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FB Micheal Gordon
W Josh Mansour
C Paul Whatuira
C Micheal Jennings
W Amos Roberts
5/8 Preston
H B Peter Wallace
H Api
SR Adam Docker
SR Scott Sorrensen
P Petro
P Reagan CG
L Trent Waterhouse

Bench Peachy, Nigel Plum, Joel Clinton, Jamal Idris
Reserves Scott Sattler, kevin Kingston, Spencer

Most of the guys with 3 rings are automatic selections now. Its just insane what this club has done over the last 4 years.