Hetherington loaned to warriors

Just being reported Hetherington is on loan to warriors for 4 weeks and Panthers have right to recall if we have reason to do so and once 4 weeks are up, negotiations will commence to extend his stay with them

I understand the need for warriors to be able to field a team but why do the Panthers have to be the club who give up a player

What if he gets badly injured playing for them?

… he should be stood down in matches vs Panthers surely !

That’s the rule for all loan players, they won’t play against their home club .

Good way for Hethrington to get a run I guess, what’s the bet he earns a suspension out of it lol

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I think it’s a great move. It gives Hetherington game time, which will benefit him & Panthers, and it helps out the Warriors - who deserve all the support they can get with their sacrifices to be away from their homes & families for so long.

Sure, there’s a risk of Hetherington being injured, but the benefits far outweigh the risk, imho.

We don’t play the Warriors again til late in the season, so the issue of him playing against us doesn’t arise - not that it would, anyway, as SHF pointed out, loaned players don’t play against their home club.

Great move & credit to Panthers for being so quick to make the ofer!

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If its genuine then i’m happy with it, but it sounds to me like we have found a “way out” for someone who is on the outer with the powers at be.

Good luck to him, I hope he kicks arse, this new style of game is suited to his upbeat energy during game time.


Warriors penalty count is about to increase.

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