HOWTO: Changing Your Avatar

There are a bunch of new faces here, and I don’t think I have highlighted how to change our avatar from the default “Letter” Avatar.

1. Click on the Avatar link in the top left corner (If you haven’t assigned an avatar yet it will be a letter of the first letter of your username)
2. Once you click on the avatar link a menu will appear below, click on the Cog/Gear icon. This is the Preferences section.
3. Scroll down to the section Profile Picture and click on the pencil/edit icon.
4. Select your new Profile Image and hit save.

If anybody has any trouble doing this please let me know.

Ok, I’m good. C’mon guys have a go. It was looking like Chinese checkers !! :blush:

Don’t let ‘my favourite martian’ BXtom outdo ya’s. :alien:

‘Donald Trump’ is reserved for MrWalker. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Done! Thanks for the tip