Introduce Yourself

Welcome to the new forum, I can see a lot of old faces, some old faces with new names and a few new members.

Use this topic to introduce/re-introduce yourself to the community so we can get to know each other a bit better.

For those who are new and don’t who don’t know me, I have been with these forums for sometime now (since it was a message board back in the early 2000’s) and was the administrator of the Panthers Official Club forum from 2005 until it’s end in 2011. In 2012, with the support of the members of the club forum started the Panther Pride forum, an unofficial Penrith Panthers fans community, which is currently in it’s sixth year.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the forum and help you out with any troubles/issues you have with the site (just send me a message).

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I’m Matt,

Grew up & still live in Sharks territory, but hate my local team with a passion. Originally a Newtown supporter, didn’t really follow anyone for a few years after they folded, before linking with the Panthers after watching Brandy on TV one day.

Played a lot of different sports, but spent the most time playing & refereeing basketball.

I also follow a number of other sports & teams, my favourites being Essendon in the AFL, Hurricanes in the Super Rugby & Randwick in Shute Shield.

Currently working as a bus driver in the Eastern Suburbs & attempting to write a novel in my spare time.


Married with children (some grown up) live in Sydney’s West.
Panther supporter for 20yrs plus. Long time forum participant.
Follow Rugby League, enjoy soccer and music and a cleansing
ale or 2.


Hello Steve,
I have been a supporter since 1967 although I live 7 hours away in Dylan Edwards’ home town of Dorrigo.
I enjoyed the previous forum & really appreciate the one that you have maintained since it’s closure.
It is the best source of information about the team & I enjoy reading the comments that are posted.


Hi i’m Kevin, I go for the Panfa’s, I live in Penriff, I was born in Blacktown Hospital and travel to Erskine Park for work. I love travelling overseas for holidays cause emu plains is a lovely place, expecially when the Sainties smash em…you get the picture lol

I too love a cleansing ale or 2 or 3 or 4 or how many it takes…The ale of choice, Panfa sponsor Tooheys New of course.



slipped you a heart Kev. Now don’t get the wrong idea, couldn’t find them ‘emoji’s’.

Must be getting sensitive in your old age Back into Moderator status, nice work.

you shlda put the beer down and your hand up!

Married with Children, living the dream in the foothills of the mountains.

I’ve been a panther fan since way back, remember the 85 mid week play off and the national Panasonic cup like yesterday.

Watched 91 on tele, and 03 at the Olympic stadium, the trip home on the train in 03 was something to remember, not to mention the street parade in high street mall in 91.

Joined the old forum in mid 02, I could see we were on the rise.

Unfortunately I don’t post as much as I should, time and kids and work and all that, but certainly love the panther community and the good work done to keep this site going.


And yes, my name has meening, I do love standing or sitting on the Southern Hill (what’s left of it)

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Noooooo says Kevvy - nothing to see here move along…

Been here before in a couple of previous incarnations.

Older, probably no wiser and ever optimistic.

Watch our boys on tele until I can’t stand the refereeing and video refereeing and the commentator refereeing any more when I turn off and check the result later. Given our penchant for coming home with a wet sail this has delivered a few pleasant surprises this season.

Oh, did I mention grumpier as well as older etc?


Hey Matt,
Can relate to your post. I grew up in the Shire! I’m a proud Panthers supporter and have recently moved to the area. I also remember watching Brandy play. Love going to the games!


Which part of the Shire were you from? I’m in Engadine.

I’m from Grays Point originally.

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