Isaah Yeo - ABC Player of the year


He had a 7 point lead with 2 weeks remaining. Nobody was going to get close to touching him.

Amazing job.


Clearly the ABC have better judges than most of the media.

To me, most of the mainstream media almost begrudgingly acknowledge Yeo’s performances, all the time highlighting their favourites who don’t hold a candle to him week in week out. The fantastic player who actually plays down his own ego, always speaks in a respectful manner about treamamtes and opposition and is an all-round good guy, just doesn’t sit well with the media.


Yeo - an absolute gentleman of the game, and a natural leader to boot.

Astute judge of the game.

As good a hard hitter as any Prop.

As good a hole runner as any second rower.

As good a ball player as most halfbacks.

The best captain in the game.

Modest, respectful and intelligent.

A model player for all ages if ever I saw one.