Judicary Charges

Can someone explain how Kikau is issued with a charge and yet Dufty who the referee even said used his shoulder isn’t charged. I know we sometimes get the decisions go against us but this is rediculous

I may be wrong, but given Kikau was placed on report I think that’s an auto referral to the judiciary.

As for Dufty, that will be up to the match review committee, who I think meet on Mondays.

I could be wrong or outdated of course, they seem to change the rules and process every year or so.

That said, I don’t believe Kikau has anything to worry about.

Just on the Kikau hit, it’s only a matter of time before a half goes to the line turns his back, throws the dummy and runs through because the defence get too scared to make the tackle for fear of being binned…it’s a bad track we are heading down.

I’ve got no issue protecting the play maker, but some of these hits are genuine and should be acceptable. Another thing, these incidents should never be played in slow motion, only in real time will you see how bad a late hit is.

Kikau has entered a “Not Guilty” plea to a Grade 1 Shoulder Charge and will face the judiciary on Tuesday night.

No judiciary in their right mind should find him guilty of that charge.

clearly they had a “bias” to find him guilty and he has copped 2 weeks

Not only did he get sin binned he just got rail loaded with this and by default the Panthers have copped it.
Dufty commits an offence in us scoring a try…and all we get is a penalty and Duffty continues in the game and escapes any further scrutiny.

Like i said we got the pineapple!!!

Measure the Kikau tackle vs the Fafita dog shot, the charges are the same, Fifita takes the early plea only gets a week.

THE GAME IS F&@$ED :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Yep, SBF, Penrith has been treated like crap since whenever, and the club just lies down and takes it. Cleary is too polite about it. If it was another club, coaches like Hasler, Green or Stuart would scream the house down. We just lay back and are screwed. You could write a book about the history of injustice served on our club. I first noticed it when we won our first premiership, bringing great pride to the West, and the league intelligentsia gave the MOTM to the losing side (Clyde). It reflects our general society - the privileged and the walked-on, and I doubt it will ever change. And now we get Klein for the next vital match; giving 50:50 decisions against us must be in his DNA.

Ivan Cleary has been cleared to play :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well, it looks like even the unflappable Ivan Cleary can only be pushed so far by a defective organisation, the NRL. Perhaps, hopefully, this might be the beginning of a whole brave new world, one in which it is not OK to treat the west, in general, and Penrith, in particular, like shit. But, as long as money talks, I really can’t see clubs like the Easts Rorters giving up their sense of entitlement easily.


How the F$&@ does Maloney get a week for a leg tag when off balance going for the ball while throwing an arm out vs no suspension for a thug who knocked someone out cold while taking his head off?

Our game is a F$&@ing JOKE :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_vomiting:


I’ve seen it suggested elsewhere (and am inclined to agree) that the NRL don’t want us in the finals this year, due to some of the extra curricular activities some of our players indulged in last summer.

It would certainly explain the 2 most recent suspensions & having a certain referee, that we have a bad record under, calling a crucial game. :thinking:

When I started this thread it was because I couldn’t understand how Kikau could be suspended over what looked like a good tackle , it now appears no-one knows what the judiciary will come up with next. Maybe you need to have a special name or something to avoid suspension or even charging but none of it makes any sense. Is a trip worse than a head high tackle and I thought the head was being protected?

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Money talks and bullshit walks, you could be well ‘on the money’ with that theory Mutley. Remember the DeBelin case was all about the ‘look for the game’ and if the rumours of more videos being out there of core Panthers, then not having them in the finals this year would be a godsend for the NRL.

The Game is F$&@ed regardless

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I am a bit confused and miffed about this week judiciary verdicts and what message it sends to players and coaches alike.

Sam Burgess action puts a player (Moylan) out of action for at least a week (perhaps 2 weeks) due to his illegal actions. Fights the charge, gets off.

James Maloney puts on a half hearted, non-effective trip (which could be argued was unintentional or split second reactive), a action that didn’t even stop that tackles drive yet alone injure somebody. Normal charge wouldn’t see him suspended (only carry over was going to see him miss time). Fights the charge… Guilty, 1 week on the sidelines.

NRL… Explain this to me. What is the thinking here? You claim you are going to be heavy with compliance this year (which is fine) bu then deliver results like this weeks, and like the Kikau suspension.


Refer my last sentence. Whilst we ‘mugs’ continue to cough up our hard earned, NOTHING will change!!!

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Yep, Kevin, and it’s easy to become a believer in conspiracies when you are a Penrith supporter. Statistics will do that for you. And we the Penrith supporter base are being wedged by the NRL. If we take it lying down, the privileged clubs like the Easts Rorters win; but if we walk away from our club, the club folds and those same privileged clubs regain the pool of talent that they had before Penrith joined the NSWRL. For us it’s lose:lose. For the silvertails it’s win:win.

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That is the sad part FP, I will continue to ‘dole out’ my hard earned through shear passion for not only the area I choose to live but for the team I love. I feel sorry for my 8 year old daughter who I have brain washed into a die hard fan who hates Parra lol.

Funny story, she tried to tease me when she was 5 “Dad I go for Parra” she said, I got mad and said pack your bags and get out of my house…after the ten minutes of her crying her eyes out and me trying to teach her about sarcasm I have brainwashed her poor darlin.

Anyway, she will continue the legacy of the cash ‘grab’ for the NRL I’m sure :frowning:

i hope you told her its just a game
as a fellow diehard we can do 1 of 2 things and so can the team
one way to avoid suspect calls is to win a game handsomely

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100% - but I do tell her it’s ok to be passionate…as we all are

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It’s not brainwashing when you are doing the right thing Kevin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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