Just when you thought the dumb was gone

A day after giant dopes Carr and Mitchell blow themselves up on social media and talking heads are calling for a “long suspension” if not season ending suspension for those 2 boneheads , only to be upstaged by our own bonehead and Captain in Nathan Cleary

At what point don’t these blokes get it…Cameras are everywhere !!!

Cant wait for the flood of pics to emerge now of other players and there goes season 2020 and just when we thought it might kick off again

If Carr and Mitchell cop plenty, so should Cleary

I get it all, young bloke with tonnes of hormones going off but guys he is on close to $1m a year and this is just DUMB!

I am not sure what is going to get the attention of these dopes but the NRL will have to make an example of some soon and Cleary could be one.

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Yep - rub him out of the game too…….

There is only 1 way to get this message across, and that is severe penalties.

I have been at home since March 23rd, I am the only one who goes to the shop in my family, my 8 yr old is going bonkers being an only child…….why can I do the right thing - because i’m not a F@#$wit and respect the situation we are living in.

Geez it’s frustrating !


Has Nathan Cleary just cost us the premiership?

Surely he will get a few weeks on the sideline. Our main ball player will be gone for how ever many weeks in a shortened competition.

Of all the young guys out there, I thought he was one with his head screwed on right. So disappointing.


captain, my captain … pfft !

Nuthin but a boofhead !!!


Why does everybody think that a bloke who can throw, kick, carry and catch a bag of wind is by definition going to be a pillar of society?

Perhaps it is the dickhead curve that needs flattening; good luck with that one.


NRL has handed down a punishment for Nathan Cleary.

$10,000 Fine (60% suspended for the remainder of the season.)
1 Match ban (suspended for the remainder of the season.)


i think that is a joke, maybe even worse then Nathan thinking he can have so many girls laying all over him, taking selfies and thinking this is not going to be a problem

Like there friends right!!!

Maybe he needs to figure out very quickly what is a friend.

I still feel this will open a flood of players in awkward positions, just wait till we see some real bad ones

Carr and Mitchell were dopey bro’s, Cleary was thinking he is a chick magnet

One day it will dawn on these fools its the OPTICS.


My understanding is that the girls showed up at his place on the way somewhere, and only stayed a short time. Granted, it would have been better if he didn’t let them in at all, but nowhere near as bad as Mitchell & Addo-Carr, who had a number of other questionable activities going on during their camping trip. Probably a fair penalty compared to the others.

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fair ?
No it’s not.

He allowed himself to be photographed with these ‘friends’, with one
in particular (foreground) brandishing a bottle of Corona. They (she)
knew exactly what they were doing. Boofhead plain and simple and
one that should relinquish the captaincy.

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I agree with all posters here. I’m absolutely disgusted. Yes Cleary was a lessor offence than the others (who possibly should be jailed or suspended for life), but it’s still dumb dumb dumb and he should have known better.

I feel for Cleary snr here. He’s now in the unfortunate situation to have to demote his son one way or another.

Is Cleary our Captain? Sorry if I missed that with all that’s going on, I thought Tahmou was.

Pretty sure Tamou is captain. Cleary part of leadership group, although it might be best if he steps down from there for the remainder of the season.

LOL…i promoted him
maybe his Dad knew he was too dumb to be Captain already but todays news proves it beyond any doubt

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Carr and Mitchell are now facing gun offences and their matter will be heard in August…are they stood down now under the no fault clause?

On Cleary and the girls, how old is the girl drinking the Corona and where did she get that?

And who is the person taking the pic?

And anyone want to suggest Cleary is just sitting at home all alone on Anzac Day?

Hope for him there is not more to come out of this because to me on the surface there are a lot more questions


but wait there’s more. TikTok !


Interestingly the police have said Cleary has not committed an offence. So, does this mean if the NRL don’t drop their charges then it shows that they are truly above the law? Just saying.

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has nothing to do with any law
The NRL set out guidelines for players in this “lockdown” period and Cleary didn’t observe what he agreed to
its a contractual agreement between a player and club and the larger NRL, Cleary failed to meet an agreed standard, simple as that

Cleary didn’t go visiting, the girls did, so technically he didn’t break the law.


I agree he didn’t break the law as such because it was in his own place, but seriously if that many people (girls) turn up at your doorstep, what would you do?

What I am now pissed at is, he is just another mug footballer (I thought he was smart) who thinks he can get away with anything…very very naïve. When you get caught like that, come clean and don’t allow any further speculation, now all we have is a “wait and see what else their is” mindset…not good for the game!!

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Had to laugh about cleanskin MG taking Nathan to task over this.

No mobile phones or Instagram or Tik Tok back in MG’s days :slight_smile:

That said, it is sad that Nathan seemingly chose to lie when he was first caught out, not knowing that ‘friends’ would out him. Maybe he should pay the full fine he was given ie including the portion that was originally suspended.

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I’m hearing a lot of “holier than thou” people carrying on about Cleary, some even claiming that Cleary not telling the whole truth is worse than what Mitchell & Addo-Carr got up to!!! Some people need to take a good look in the mirror

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