Luai contract Saga

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I think the events in tiger town over the past few days should lessen the chances of Luai signing there - they are a complete rabble!
The fact that that clown Elias comes out AGAIN and says the changes are good - he has said that the last 10 times they made changes.

I trust someone close to Jarome is in his ear about it, cautioning him on the perils of playing at a shite club.

Also telling him about the opportunity to play in Vegas next year with us - an event unlikely to ever occur with the tiges.

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I’ve been saying for a few years that Tigers need a complete rebuild from the top down.

As far as players go, they need to look at what we did 10 years ago, and start putting work into their juniors, while bringing in a mix of players at the back end of their careers and fringe players from other clubs to give the juniors time to develop.

Where does Luai fit into this picture? He doesn’t. He’s a seasoned first grade player & international, who probably won’t hit his peak for another couple of years.

Going to a club like the Tigers right now would probably be career suicide. Hopefully he realises this, and that the extra money won’t be as valuable as the premiership glory and/or rep jerseys he is likely to miss if he goes there now.

If he wants to test himself with the Tigers, he would be better off taking our current offer, then going over there in a few years time when they have had time to get themselves out of the gutter.

Luai has signed a five year deal with the Tigers.

Sad if confirmed by the club. It sucks he didn’t make this decision earlier and could have held on to Cogger.

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If the figures are right, it’s $1.2 million a year, or more, for 5 years. That’s pretty much half again what Penrith were offering him per year, for a longer contract. It’s a short playing career & he can buy a house, invest some, look after his family - not to mention the chance & challenge to grow as a footy player & be the chief playmaker at the Tigers.

Really, it’d be just about impossible to say No to an offer like that.

Good luck to Luai. I’ve got no doubt he’ll put in 100% this year.

I’m not too fussed we couldn’t keep Cogger, good player though he is. We’ve still got Luai this year, and time to train up Jack Cole, Brad Schneider or someone else to take over.

Might also present an opportunity for Soni Luke. I mentioned earlier this year he could make for a good 5/8 paired with Cleary… but back then he would have to compete with Luai and Cogger. With Cogger gone and Luai following next year it might be worth pivoting from Hooker.

To be honest I don’t see Luke outcompeting Kenny and Sommerton for that Hooker slot.


Maybe Nathan could get Mary Fowler to come over & have a crack at 5/8.


Do you think Jarome Luai is worth $1.2 million a season for any club ?

I’ll let you know for sure at the end of the 2029 season; but for now my gut feel is no.

Given the way that other players who have left our system have performed since leaving, I’d have my doubts about Luai maintaining his form, let alone improving.

I think the Tigers are paying overs, as struggling clubs often do, to attract a big name player. Occasionally it pays off, but that is generally the exception, not the rule.


Who would you pick 5/8 for Penrith in 2025

Cameron Munster

Dylan Brown

Tom Dearden

Luke Keary

Cody Walker

Matt Burton

Kieran Foran

Ezra Mam

Luke Metcalf

Jack Cogger

Braydon Trindall

Isaiya Katoa

Talatau Amone

Luke Brooks

Kaeo Weeks

Jayden Sullivan

We have Jack Cole & Jett Cleary coming through. I’d imagine there will be a plan for one of them to take over from 2025. We also have Daine Laurie, who can cover almost any position in the backline, returning for next year.

You either build a system that a player wants to buy into or you pay massive overs. It’s really the only two things you can do to lure talent.


Is Nathan a better 5/8 than 1/2??

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Pretty sure both Nathan & Jett are can play either position if required. Might make a good combination in the future.