Luai contract Saga

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He has already achieved in 3 years what some players will never achieve in their entire career. He knows his worth, and he has his family’s future to financially secure.

While it would be nice for him to stay at Penrith, I understand why he is looking elsewhere. I just hope he is happy with his decision in the end.


Honestly, I think this scenario is no good for our team, the sooner his deal is done, the better for our focus, I just wonder what impact this will have on 2024.


Agree, Steve. I think he’s likely to go and, to be honest, if I were in his shoes, I’d probably do the same. Were he to go to the Tigers, he & his family would be better off financially, and he’d have the chance to be the guy who runs the team - which, realistically, he’ll never get at Penrith while Nathan Cleary is there.

Whatever he decides, good luck to him. He’s done great service to the Panthers, and I’m sure he’ll continue to give great service for as long as he’s here.


I believe he has set a deadline for the end of next week, because he wants it sorted before he returns to training.


if he is to go, it’s good the decision will be made before he returns to training. It give the club a whole year to train his replacement.

If Laui is to leave I would imagine that Laurie will be given a change to lock down the spot, but will have some competition to deal with to secure it.

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For our club, I don’t see this as a saga. The saga is the media playing it for what they can get.

Jarome has a decision to make on his future, and will make it when he makes it. Our players and club have demonstrated over the past several years that they can deal with these types of issues & still get the job done.

I hope that Jarome stays and plays out the rest of his career with us. I am in agreement with Troy Dodds who wrote in Western Weekender that no matter what happens it will be fine going forward - if we have Jarome, good, if we don’t then also good as we will have that money for others.

And we still have him for '24 and as good a chance of any of perhaps winning again!!

If he takes the tiges money, then I wish him the best - he will forever remain a panthers legend with at least 3 rings!!


Should have seen this coming

EDIT: According to Brandy this story was made up by a powerful player manager

The media are milking this for all it’s worth. I’ve never seen so much s**t flung at the wall to see what sticks. I don’t want to be the one left cleaning that wall, that’s for sure.

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I’ve got a feeling we will know either way by Tuesday night. He’s due to return to training on Wednesday and wants it sorted by then.

That could throw a spanner in the works for other clubs.

I heard the Tigers were all in on Luai and have suspended talking to other prospects for the club. It’s going to be a disaster for them if Laui turns them down and stays at Penrith (for less money). I would imagine if that happens head will roll on the board.

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One thing in our favour (I think) is that Api hasn’t said come on in the water’s fine.


That would be because it’s not water he’s in Tom, it’s a filthy sludge of boardroom bullshit, who would enter that sess pit!

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Does anyone have access to Daily Telegraph?

Sorry, Mutley. The article looks interesting, but the resolution is too low to be legible (for me, at least). I wonder if others have the same difficulty.