Maloney has signed with Catalans

Being reported now Maloney is as early as today announce he has signed with Catalans on a 3 year deal and will leave Panthers at seasons end.

Well that gives everyone an incentive and for Maloney to close out his NRL career with his 3rd Premiership at a 3rd club and equal Lazarus’s unique claim to fame…3 premierships with 3 different clubs

And allows 2 young halves to pick a quality footy brain before freeing up around 800k

It’s official.

Sorry to see him go.

There are undoubted benefits, freeing up cash to retain young talent & finally giving Luai a long-awaited & much deserved regular 1st grade gig. And, if Tyrone May is available next year & can put the trauma of this year behind him, he should also figure prominently in the team.

The downside is that neither Luai, Cleary or May have the game management ability that Maloney does. To be fair, not many players do, and to expect it of them so early in their careers is completely unrealistic. Maloney can close out games, act as an on-field coach & is also the bloke who pesters the refs, chats the opposition and lifts the side when things aren’t going well.

His departure will leave a massive hole. His game and people management smarts will be very dificult to replace in the short term.

Having said that, I can well understand that, at 33, he’d like to have a lifestyle change in the south of France. Half his luck.

I hope it all goes well for him & his family. Good luck to him.

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do you guys think Maloneys announcement of his imminent departure
was premature? I mean we all like to know what’s happening, but recent
results would indicate our mob have something on their minds, could it be next year ???

i don’t think its pre mature
as to the effect on our team…like honestly for anyone who has moved house even locally know how things consume you
maloney is moving to france with all that entails…it’s human t be distracted
and my view has been consistent …the minute he said he was going we should have given the heir apparent their go
might happen if he cops the week tonight

Kikau has been missing for 2 weeks and we lost both, here I am thinking Kenny was the charm :thinking:

I think that Ivan’s mate Dave is fully running the club and is after maximising profits. Sell off all of the expensive players, replace them with cheap local juniors and ignore the fact that the fans would like to see success on the field. Gus, though fully capable of sprouting BS, did say that he was against back weighted contracts. It’s now alluded by Ivan’s mate that Gus did back weight contracts and paid over 600k to DWZ and Blake even though Gus said that he would not pay such money for wingers. I know Gus can BS, but I trust him well ahead of Ivan’s mate. I think Maloney’s departure is part of the cost cutting exercise.


ya think?

usually i would ask for whatever you are on, in your case PLEASE do not share with anyone other than your immediate family members

perhaps the same medication as you & me steamboat, pantherpride.

I’m happy to hear what Toms got to say, without the rest of us runnin

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What I would expect from an arrogant ignoramus. No more, no less. Would be good to see your arguments for or against somebody’s opinion, but some people don’t have that level of intelligence…

If you have no intelligent argument (for or against) and nothing good to say, then perhaps you should consider saying nothing?


settle down please gents. We need answers for our on field malaise
and all Panther fans are able to express their opinion here. Let’s not
snipe at one another.

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i am all for discourse…please point me to anything in his post which is even close to truthful.

in fact all i see are defamatory comments

here we go

please highlight ALL of the expensive players Panthers are selling off?

ALL last time i looked includes everyone…so please name them ALL

DWZ, Blake & Maloney have been suggested in the post.

as to selling off our expensive players?

guess he forgot about the Maloney/DWZ incident and we went onto win 7 games

or Blakes issues at the club

oh and Maloney signed with Catalans and sought a release and got it

Wow just like the old days - where is SAP when you need some ‘logical’ commentary :rofl:


Should not the club look to maximising profits - or at least minimising losses? Do you think the club intends to take the field next year without spending their salary cap?

I’m not fan of the CHairman but I think the answer to both these questions is “No”.

Theyw ill spend the full salaray cap.

Unfortunately I doubt they will take action to stem the bleeding incurred over the past few years.