May, May be not!

… there are ‘press’ rumours circulating that suggest Tyrone May is being considered as a replacement for API Koroisau who leaves for the Tigers in 2023. Say it isn’t so Panthers. For heavens sake it just can’t be true.

I haven’t heard those rumours, and May only had his contract torn up 5 minutes ago. Are they seriously suggesting that Penrith would replace their first choice, premiership winning, SOO hooker with a utility player who had his contract terminated after a chequered history at the club?

Sounds like crap to me.

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… let me clarify. It’s proposed to take place for season 2023, a season (year) away, if and when API leaves.

The press stories have no substance or quotes. I could just as honestly say “Simmons can make comeback as hooker for Panthers”. He can, but he won’t.


Same reply, Puss. Kenny has year to make the hooking position his own. If he does, we don’t need a hooker. If he doesn’t, we need a specialist hooker, not a utility. And if Sullivan works out, we already have a utility.

Again, sounds like crap to me.


It’s a beat up. Trying to stir controversy for clicks.

There was one ‘unnamed source’ that said something may be happening. If they won’t reveal the source then it has about as much weight as if you or I said it.

A season is a long time in rugby league circles. Kenny will be given his shot, and personally he will take it with both hands. I’ll make the call now, this will be Mitch Kenny’s breakout season.


LESS I would say Steve :blush:

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Didn’t May sign in the super league ?

One year only I think I read. :thinking:

I would say the one year has more to do with the French club being cautious with the signing (due to reputation) than a “potential return to the NRL”, it was a chance to buy a NRL Premiership Winner on the cheap.

Penrith made a clean break… I’m sure some in the club were not happy with it, but at the end of day Tyrone did this to himself. The team should be happy another of their mates Mitch Kenny will get his shot this year for a starting spot in 2023.


Never going to happen in my books, just a media beat up trying to destabilise us.

He’s signed with Catalans, will enjoy the good life.

We have a great option with Kenny.

Let’s start the rumour now that Burton has agreed in principle to come back in 24, will want to leave the dogs early in 23. :rofl:



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