Melb c Melbourne cup 2022 TV ok I'm mi I'm ok I'm ok

Anyone back a winner in Melb Cup ?

There you go forgot how to use the damn thing.
Good reason to stay away !

Got 3rd, decent pay, but still less than I put on the race

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Gross profit of $9. Then overheads of lunch more than wiped that out. Filled up with petrol on way to venue; almost hit $100 for the first time ever.

First year I didn’t have a personal bet and or watch it live. Got 2 x $5 sweeps 1 of em Gold Trip :rofl: so came out a winner on the day.

My tip was High Emocean but had 0 in the account from Saturday lol

Yeah… I’m probably ahead of most. Can’t be arsed about the Melbourne Cup. Boring as hell.