Melbourne Cup 2018

Hey Puss (or anyone else), got your eye on anything for the Cup this year. I like Kings Will Dream which is building nicely in distance at the top level. Thoughts?

Ah yes, it’s that time of year.

Kev, I worry 'bout the overseas raiders
and would prefer to wait and see. :thinking:

One thing you can be sure of is, :sunglasses:
I’ll find something to waste my money on!

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3 things I don’t do, take parra ever, back imports in the Cup or back anything Nolan is on, he is the Aaron Woods of jockeys lol

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Luv those critters that hang back early, then storm home.
Remind you of anything ??? :wink:

As long as they settle in the run early, nothing worse than ‘throwing’ your hard earned on something that is 3 lengths behind, mouth open while the jockey is trying his darndest to keep it under control…then there is the horse you back in the Cup lol

Down at Seymour a few years back I really liked this nag I’d been watching.
In the ring it started wretching, choking like it was having a bloody asthma
attack. Left the money in the pocket, the bastard won by 4 lengths. :flushed:

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I backed a greyhound once that stopped half way up the straight (1st time around) and went back to its trainer

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:laughing: AAAA haahaa haa !

His punting’s improved since then folks.

Least we’d be back to the bar a lap early. :crazy_face:

Any tips would be appreciated. Might be able to make some cash and put it towards keeping this place running. :joy:

Looks like the imports will cost me a few $$$ this year…

Hey Steve, Winx in the Cox plate this Saturday, put your house on it to buy a new letterbox lol

Did ya get a new letterbox Steve?

Only 3 Aussie bred horses in early nom’s for Cup.
Pick a winner … rule them out, then toss a coin.

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Not exactly. Got a bit reckless and wasted all the winnings on dinner… at McDonalds. Thank heavens they still have the Dollar menu. :rofl:


I’m hopeless at picking the Melbourne Cup. The only time I have won anything was by dumb luck. I decided to put cash on “Americain” back in 2010. Considering my wife is American I decided it was an omen.

It’s the only time a ‘omen’ has ever paid off. :rofl:

Pretty sad hey Puss, I will probably just play mysteries in the Cup and just hope for something.

I must say though, the imports have impressed this year, I reckon it’s thebest bunch we’ve had, should be a good race too.

How good is Winx !

Well I picked my Melbourne Cup horse is picked in the most fair way possible… a number generator.

So I got VENGEUR MASQUE paying $67 for a win.

Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

sure that’s not a greyhound ??? :upside_down_face:

In the words of Jim Carey LooHooHooserrrr

for the record $20 to win Muntahaa
Trif 5,2,11.

Hate this race. Find me something easier !!!

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Young star E/W, specky on Auvrey lol

My special is Masculino - race 3 no 8

Yet another cup day of unloading the wallet…

You know it’s not your day when 1 horse falls all day and it’s your horse…yes I was the laughing stock of my family who all cleaned up in sweeps ha haaaaa Love the Aussie banter lol

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