Membership 2021

Hi All,

I received a free 2021 - 6 game ($100) membership from the club. I didn’t attend any games last year so they have ‘given’ me a 2021 membership the same as 2020.

Did this happen to anyone else?

Did you pledge your 2020 membership? If you did, maybe there has been a mix-up?

For those who didn’t pledge, & who didn’t request a refund, I understand that they were going to apply a credit for the value of the games actually missed against a 2021 membership. I didn’t know that would become a full new membership &, at least for our category, the price has gone up from last year.

No I didn’t actually do anything i.e. “pledge” - I was quite prepared to ‘donate’ my $100. Was I supposed to fill a form out or something saying this?

I certainly didn’t ask for a credit or refund, new membership just turned up !

I put $300 through the pokes last Friday anyway so we will call it square :crazy_face:

Yes, there was a process to pledge at the time. I guess you were then given a full credit, and then auto renewed?? As long as it’s all square :smile:

O’h i missed the pledge bit - oops

Square…I think they are MILES in front with me and my wallet lol

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