Merrin’s take on his Panthers departure

So much for Gould coming to our rescue to fix the Salary cap!

I know this is all history now, but an interesting insight into recent times past.

I always thought their was something dodgy with Trent’s departure. I’m glad he said he loved the Panthers, IMO he was one of those players that just fit our team and the way we play. It is rare when you sign long term players from other clubs. I still don’t think Tamou is a Panther, yes he plays for us, but I don’t think he “lives” Penrith the way someone like Trent did. Just my 2 bobs


Agree 100% about Merrin, Kevin. I thought he really bought into the club & team. I was really sorry to see him go & very glad he’s back in the nrl to finish his career.

Just the same, I have a lot of time for Tamou. I was lukewarm at first but, like Merrin, I think he’s really become part of the club & the club part of him. I hope he gets another contract for a year or two & finishes his career as a Panther.

As you say, just my 2 cents.


His time at Penrith was good up to his last season. I absolutely agree he bought into the team culture and was a great fit, but his last year his performance was a bit… off. He seemed to get overly frustrated when a play didn’t click and didn’t keep his cool, often to the oppositions advantage through more mistake and silly penalties.

At the end of the day the math was simple. Penrith needed to offload high income forwards and the choice came down to Tamou or Merrin. I think the club made the right choice.

In saying that, I am also happy to see Merrin back at St. George Illawarra where it all started for him. It pleases me when a well liked player who leaves the club (or gets edged out) and then returns to end their career, it brings back feelings of nostalgia for one club players, in this modern game, it’s about as close as it gets now.

Much like Peter Wallace for us. He was by most Penrith fans opinion going to be the halfback heir to Gower. Wallace was ready to go, but the Panthers wanted to hold onto Gower for another year or two, and he was edged out and headed for Brisbane. In a sudden twist of irony, Gower shorty after announced he was moving on and wouldn’t take on a new contract at Penrith, and would be taking on French Rugby. It seemed Wallace’s time was over at Penrith, I was overjoyed when the opportunity arose to snare him back from brisbane that Penrith signed him up. Peter has all the quality of a Penrith Panther, his toughness, his attitude, the man oozes Penrith.

On the comment about “I still don’t think Tamou is a Panther” I could not disagree more. I have met him many times now at his time at Penrith, and his heart is with the club 100%. Sure he doesn’t show it with the same vigor that Merrin did, but these are two very different men. He has the respect of the playing squad and the juniors coming through, enough to make him captain. He is very passionate about his football and his community and is one of the toughest, calmist forwards in the game today. I understand it’s a opinion that he “isn’t a Panther” but I would suggest it is a misguided one.


Happy to stand corrected Steve. My comments come from a view of passion, I don’t mean any disrespect when I say, it doesn’t matter how calm an individual you are, when your in the heat of battle, you show the necessary emotion, I reckon I have only seen that once from Tamou when he took on the ref at half time.

I look forward to seeing Tamou shine this year for the Panthers, if he does produce his best (which is an aggressive attitude) then we will roll forward with ease. He is brutal, when he is aggressive………

I know mate. On the surface I can understand why somebody would think that about Tamou.

I think the team needs to have that level head. The one that is hard to crack, the one that is going to keep his cool when his teammates are boiling over. Merrin was a prime example on what happens when passion meets frustration… errors, penalties and letting the opposition getting over you which only feeds the cycle further.

I am looking for a great season from Tamou, I’d say he probably fitter than ever and bulked up more than 2019. A few offloads from Tamou and even the best defensive line will bend.

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Merrin came here as one of Gould’s famous ‘marquee players’. I know some here loved him, but he was overall a major disappointment.
He came as a current origin & recent international & left as an also ran. His ok form fell apart when his [Please don’t -ST]

Merrin’s best form in the latter part of his time here was as the esky dancer in post match celebrations, few wins that he had contributed much to.
I recall he was sitting on the bench with the game on the line in the semi against the sharks, a measure of how far he had fallen.
I suggest he would be better placed to make his mark on the field, rather than by talk.

WOW - good to see your honest opinion’s are still coming to the fore mrwalker !

Your not wrong BTW for the most part, but if you review his tenure, particularly the latter stages, I think it is pretty clear for all to see as to why the ‘effort’ was lacking. You referenced the critical factor (gone now thank F@#$) in your first sentence. Yes marquee player, oops my mistake, can’t afford you, are you gone yet………

Each to their own mrwalker, but I thought Merrin added value, particularly when our game plan was right, Tamou, RCG, Merrin first 3 rucks in almost every set, we were the yardage kings.

Merrin wasn’t alone in failures at Panthers

Lets not forget the forgettable coach (Griffin) who was also brought to the club by Gould who Merrin was under

For a city and club which has oozed talent and promised so much, we the supporters have been sold so much koolaid over the years its mind boggling to believe its happened when you look back

Merrin, i never really rated and for mine fits right alongside Tamou but as much as i have a view on the players my real scorn lies with the Board and Coaches over the years

A great coach aka Bellamy/Bennet can bring the best out in people…its just our squads have never really been afforded a leadership group…Board and Coach to allow whatever talent they may have to shine through

We have moments of green shoots and hopes for a great year ahead but somehow we lurch from mistep to mistep in a way forward and sadly we zero in on players

I feel guilty in many ways we have not built a system which allows and or fosters individuals to grow as players and men.

Its not whether a player feels some form of tribalism to the Penrith team and or district, its the framework we should have in place to shape them into better men and players then when they came to the club or through the grades.

Penrith and Panthers should be a destination for players, not a stop along the way.

Once we truly build this ethos, we might have finally arrived.