Merry Christmas

Wishing all in the Panther Pride family a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a Safe, Healthy and Prosperous 2023.
Looking forward to another big year for the Panthers.

Santa already delivered our season ticket packs :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas all. Enjoy the holidays & get ready for another big year in Panther town.


Merry Christmas everyone, hope you are all as forbtunate as me who scored a 2023 alternate jersey :blush:


Season’s Greetings to all, I scored a couple of new polo’s and some dodgey training shorts that will be exchanged for something normal :rofl:

Has anyone else got the training shorts, they feel horrible?

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Can’t say I have ever got the shorts, what’s wrong with them?

They have a thick, feels like thick rubber, waste band. The shorts themselves are very short, the waste band feels like it’s a 3rd of the length of the entire shorts.

Very Odd and dodgy feel

Thanks Kev, it’s probably due to them being the same style and material they make for the players, similar problem to what I had with the jersey neck fitting two years ago - good thing my wife listened and got me two sizes larger this year lol

Same, my polos are a couple of sizes larger as well…maybe i’m just fat bastard :thinking: