Merv Cartwright Medal awards night

Panthers held their end of season awards night on Wednesday.

Isaah Yeo took out the Merv Cartwright medal (well deserved, IMO) in a season where he averaged 31 tackles and 112 running metres per game, and played his first game as captain.

Other award winners for the night:

Josh Mansour - John Farragher Award for Courage and Determination
Jack Hetherington - Ben Alexander Rookie of the Year
Viliame Kikau - Members Player of the Year
Peter Wallace - Club Person of the Year
Caleb Aekins - ISP Player of the Year
Daine Laurie - Jersey Flegg Player of the Year
Jarome Luai - OAK Try of the Year (Round 17 vs NZ Warriors)
James Tamou - Senior Education Award
J’maine Hopgood - Junior Education Award

The club has posted some highlights on the website, including a look back at 2018 and a farewell to departing and retiring players.


Thanks for that North.

nb: notice that both Jack Hetherington and Jarome Luai
remain off contract for season 2019 and beyond.