Most overrated player

A few weeks ago we discussed our thoughts on the most underrated players to play for the club. How about we mix it up with the most overrated players, or players you have been most disappointed with during their time at the club?

For me Luke Walsh. I kept hearing that he was the next Andrew Johns, but he rarely showed that form. As a mate used to put it at the time, he played like he was wearing a dinner suit.

Another would be Harry Siejka. I watched him coming up through the juniors, and I actually thought he could have been a superstar, but from what I’ve heard he had a lousy attitude, which is probably a big part of why he never kicked on.

Jarrod Sammutt, just never kicked on.

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Dunno if he’s the most overrated, but Matt Moylan didn’t really kick on for us either, nor for the Sharks, IMHO. Problems with the Coach, unable to handle leadership? Who knows? Great talent but, so far, hasn’t been fully realised.

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I think Moylan has a similar problem to Siejka, although he isn’t as cocky as what Siejka was.

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Have you met Moylan, Mutley? (Nice bit of alliteration there.) I haven’t, but he didn’t cover himself in glory when he decided to stand down at finals time in 2017. From that call, I reckon you’re probably right about his attitude.

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I met Moylan a few times. He was pretty mellow, probably why he wasn’t a good choice for captain.

Siejka on the other hand was very cocky, even as a kid. He definitely had the skill, but didn’t want to put in the work to make it in the NRL.

Luke Walsh……….Shut up Kevvy and breathe !

Jamie Oljenic? - Had a massive reputation coming through, bit like Siejka, I reckon his gambling (I watched him put bundles through the pokes / cardies) got the better of him and his footy fell in a heap.

Didn’t Jarrod win the man of steel in the super league?

Just on Moylan, when he first did his hammy playing for us, he was supposed to be in rehab, on a regular Sunday, he was drinking with a mate of mine who he’d never met before, they had a bout 8 schooners together before my mate left him at the Pio…….and he was there when my mate arrived so god knows how many he had. The club rule is supposed to be no alcohol in injury rehab isn’t it !

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Geez it’s a while back but I think you’re right about Sammut, Kev.
Seem to recollect he did win an award in the UK. Not surprised
remember his first hit-up in the top grade from fullback for the
Panthers, he didn’t shirk his duties. Anyone remember who he ran into?
Again from memory, a penchant for coloured boots amongst other things
and a run in with super coach Matthew Elliott put paid to this stay.


I think your remembering his goal line defense playing fullback in his first game, he stopped Roy Asatasi by putting his body on the line.

Loved it !


I’d forgotten him him stopping Asotasi, Kev. Good call!

Jazz basically disappeared up his own jacksie when he got that tatt round his neck - ‘Justafy.’ Except it’s spelt “Justify.”

If you’re going to get a tatt - especially where everyone can see it - might be an idea to make sure it’s spelt correctly. Nice one, Jazz!


I’d certainly forgotten about that one Bryan, what a horrid memory it brings back lol.

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Agree 100% SHP. It"s not a memory that I treasure, but it’s there all the same.

For accuracy’s sake - and cos I’ve got too much free time on my hands atm- I looked up Sammut’s tatt. It read

“Justify Your Existance.” So, “Existence” was mi-spelt, not “Justify.”

Lesson: If you write a post implying someone was being a goose, the Poster should get their facts straight!

Sorry, Jazz.



Of the current players Josh Mansour…a winger that doesnt score many tries and has a habit of coughing up the ball and running sideways.

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Was it him that was involved with Elliot’s daughter?

not sure Tom, sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction !

That was the rumour at the time

Of the current players, I have to say Luai, he does not like the contact from what I see. IMO that is akin to Luke Walsh…ALLLLLL the skills, but they mean nothing if your ball runners get pumped because your not going to the line to allow them to hit a gap.

He runs across field, even backwards when getting chased and I have also seen some shocking ball releases in an attempt to get away from being tackled.

Burton every day of the week for me !

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Luai is still young, but he certainly needs to lift his game as to not fall into this class of player like so many before him.

Last year he was certainly running in circles, this year (albeit two games only), he just seems to be making up the numbers. As many before him have shown, you can’t just live of your lower grade performances.

Summit 100%, remember his bouncing the ball before a drop out, only in one game to spill it forward and us cop the penalty. Had the skills no doubt, but the temperament wasn’t there.

Moylen like wise - in summary a touch footy player pretending to be an NRL standard.

Dare I mention Purtell’s name on this forum?

A controversial nomination would be Frank Pritchard - his good games were split with long gaps when he just appeared not to want to play. Never seemed to have initiative to put his hand up.

Jamal Idris - yes he had problems but what a disappointment given the reputation that preceded him. Trevor Gillmeister also falls into that category.

On Luke Walsh, I think he could have been great with better coaching. He just ended up a one trick pony. Still arguably he had the best short kicking game of any number seven we’ve had. Just a pity his passing game and game management wasn’t u to scratch.

Hindsight is always wonderful of course. I mean how do you think we would of fared with a Lewis and Burns halves combination lol


All valid points SHF - Imagine mixing Burns competitiveness into Luke Walsh talent, we would have had our own JT.

That is what separates the champions right !