Mostert makes merry on Mountain

The Bathurst 1000 motor race continues to throw up some outstanding individual performances. None more so than Chaz Mosterts ‘new’ lap record during the ‘top ten’ shootout. Sure, he’s still got 161 laps remaining in a race due to kick off @ midday. But it augers well for a classic to herald the ‘new’ King of the Mountain. Buckle up Panthers this’ll be a goody !

… nearing the half way mark and tyres starting to create issues, like a hookers stamina. :wink:

This time around it’s not so much track temperatures (it’s coolish in Bathurst), but camber issues.

Pointy end of the race. Safety cars galore. Australiana, ‘echidna’ on track. You got it all. Still 35odd laps remaining, anything can happen
and probably will. A South Sydney loose pass could easily result in a full blown intercept. They’re all refuelling, I already have !!! :upside_down_face:

Mostert wins. Top 10 shootout was spot on. Coulda saved myself most of Sunday. Never mind !

Love your alliteration Puss. Good work. Perhaps Panthers prevail poses possibities?

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… or perhaps ‘Palaszczuk’s protracted pandemic plan !

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