Naden heading to Belmore

Barrett is talking up Naden going to Dogs…great

How about we let them have Naden and we keep Burton

And if Naden wants out so badly and despite Panthers standing behind him with his off field issues, let him go now

In fact drive him over to Belmore today


Good idea steamboat.

You get that over the line I’ll give you a big kiss. :kissing_heart:

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As much as I like Naden, let him go now, and keep Burton, even if we have to pay the difference for what Burton could earn at the dogs.

Our back 5 last night are the best we can field and can build many years of success off.


All of the above = YES

Puss you’d have to get in line for that kiss if Kev could make that happen.

But I think we got Buckley’s chance of holding on to Burton. Why would any team who has seen what they have seen of him this year and have a contract with him next year would tear it up.

Naden is a good as gone. I don’t think has IC has any appetite to put his in the first grade squad. I had a feeling after all the stuff that came out about his conduct leading up to Grand Final that the Grand Final would be his last game in the top grade at Penrith.

Good Luck to him.