No thread for the Warriors game?

oh my…no one is interested at all in the Panthers v Warriors.

Cleary has dropped Mansour and Aekins with RCG moved to a reserve and in the 21 but unlikely to play unless we get an injury

Egan is out due to injury

I agree with Mansour and RCG but these are not alone in poor effort but he had to start somewhere

Still disagree with Maloney being starter…the very first penalty last week which opened the floodgates was from Maloney

Oh well…is there anyone at all interested?

… still here steamboat ! :sweat:

We lose this one I’ll be round your place for a long drink.

I’ve no idea who’s in the team but figure Cleary’s got
little choice but to shake a few of these blokes up.

Can you list the team for us ???