NRL proposing 10 team semi final format

Not so sure about this.

Would work ok with a 20 team comp, but at present seems a bit silly.

Good concept though for teams 1-6 to get the first week off.

In the current game with a top 6 and then a playoff or the last 2 spots (essentially a top 10) you could risk having a team in the finals winning less games then they had lost.

Not sure if it’s a good idea in a 16 team competition.

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I think the current 8 team format rewards mediocrity as it is, no need to add another 2 teams.

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come on guys…how else would Ricky’s team make the finals?

this model would allow the perennial whiner’s team to make the finals…even coming 10th

Talking points like this makes you wonder the influence Peter Beatty is having.

Next he will introduce a gerrymanda where Broncos come first every year.

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The play-offs are silly enough as it is.

To be fair to everyone, and give everyone a chance of winning, no matter how bad they are during the regular season, I propose the following 16 team finals format:

Week 1
Game 1: 1st v 4th
Game 2: 2nd v 3rd
Game 3: 5th v 8th
Game 4: 6th v 7th
Game 5: 9th v 12th
Game 6: 10th v 11th
Game 7: 13th v 16th - loser eliminated
Game 8: 14th v 15th - loser eliminated

Week 2
Game 9: Loser game 1 v winner game 3
Game 10: Loser game 2 v winner game 4
Game 11: Loser game 3 v winner game 5
Game 12: Loser game 4 v winner game 6
Game 13: Loser game 5 v winner game 7 - loser eliminated
Game 14: Loser game 6 v winner game 8 - loser eliminated

Week 3
Game 15: Winner game 1 v winner game 10
Game 16: Winner game 2 v winner game 9
Game 17: Loser game 9 v winner game 12
Game 18: Loser game 10 v winner game 11
Game 19: Loser game 11 v winner game 14 - loser eliminated
Game 20: Loser game 12 v winner game 13 - loser eliminated

Week 4
Game 21: Loser game 15 v winner game 17
Game 22: Loser game 16 v winner game 18
Game 23: Loser game 17 v winner game 19 - loser eliminated
Game 24: Loser game 18 v winner game 20 - loser eliminated

Week 5
Game 25: Winner game 15 v winner game 22
Game 26: Winner game 16 v winner game 21
Game 27: Loser game 21 v winner game 24 - loser eliminated
Game 28: Loser game 22 v winner game 23 - loser eliminated

Week 6
Game 29: Loser game 25 v winner game 27 - loser eliminated
Game 30: Loser game 26 v winner game 28 - loser eliminated

Week 7
Game 31: Winner game 25 v winner game 30 - loser eliminated
Game 32: Winner game 26 v winner game 29 - loser eliminated

Week 8
Game 33: Winner game 31 v winner game 32

PS. In light of recent events, I thought some levity mightn’t go astray


i haven’t a clue about what you have posted but i agree…lets make it NRL policy

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Too much time on your hands mutley…

Go back to the top 5 and be done with it, while we are at it, remove the grass, get rid of half the training staff on the field and go back to 1 ref with no interchange…ahhhh

I know I feel better lol

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I am of the firm belief that a final series should contain half of the competitions participants. In the case of the current Telstra Premiership, I feel that 8 is the right number.

If the competition were to 18 or 20, then 10 finalists would be acceptable.