NRL Standards being implemented

Ben Barba rubbed out of the game for violence against women.

Napa to be punished for having sex while being filmed.

Happy with the first one, not sure about the 2nd other than he is an idiot for letting someone film him, so I guess yer penalise him and take a stand regarding morals and the integrity of the sport.


I got photos of Kev at Parra Leagues :open_mouth:

Just jokin … :wink:

I’ve unfortunately seen all 3 Napa videos thanks to a few workmates. The first 2 were harmless, but not a good look for the NRL. The 3rd (if it can be proven it was Napa, as you don’t get a clear shot of his face) could be a problem given that an illegal drug is involved.

What the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_vomiting: - my daughter doesn’t even let me drive through that town lol

Panther for life she is ha haaaa

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If somebody gets hurt physically or mentally then punish hard.
However NRL as an organisation need to get real. You cannot have the death sentence for every misdemeanor as Greenberg would seem to like. Somewhere there is possibly a picture of his arse whilst sat astride a photocopier. Death sentence? No. Boys being boys. .NRL need to recognise the differences.


… not sure it would be newsworthy a picture of your arse astride a photocopier.
Don’t you reckon the players need to take some responsibility for their own
much publicised misdemeanors ? Yeah I agree a death sentence is overkill,
Fine 'em. No one likes coughing up their own moolah ! Repeat offenders …
strike 3, out the door.


Have a read of Peter Fitzsimmons recent article in SMH. Smart guy for a rugby union forward. Suggests demon alcohol is behind most misdemeanors and that is an obvious truth.
Problem is alcohol companies contribute big to the game. Perhaps that is why Greenberg gave Inglis a character reference at his recent trial.
It seems to me that NRL have no consistency with crime and punishment.
I agree with you Puss that fines are the way to go but should be tailored to the value of the players contract and the number of offences.
The other way to reduce the number of these incidents would be to ban the use of mobile phones in public places. But that must be my age talking. Imagine people being deprived of their umbilical cords.


It’s been spoken to death but what are we truly doing at grass roots level in terms of education re booze?

The old saying monkey see monkey do, their is still a significant “culture” of mateship which in turn means pisshead in our game. The garbage that we see is not new, it has been going on for eons, but as stated current technology puts these issues out there for all to see and it’s not going anywhere.

If the booze culture is part of our make up, technology should be the first, middle and last piece of the education at grass roots. Imagine young footballers understanding the ramifications before they make grade…

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The NRL is largely to blame for the mess which swirls around off seasons and indeed throughout the season.
For too long clubs for all sorts of reasons have protected players and especially what they viewed as “key” players from what should have been in effect.

I see it in simple terms,contracted players should have a numbers of clauses in every contract which cover what may occur off field and the outcome should be contract is terminated with the NRL…FULL STOP

Sadly its going to need this to get the attention of these kids and at times men, they are in the enviable position through a talent they earn great money and have the opportunity to forge long and rewarding careers on and off the field.

But the NRL can no longer look the other way or manage an issue every time a halfwit brings himself ,his club and the game into disrepute.

Once a benchmark has been set at the elite level, all other levels will rise up to this mark but until its a NRL policy it simply going to be season after season of idiots doing at times illegal and idiotic things.