NRL Telstra Premiership 2024 Draw

Penrith Panthers 2024 Draw


Match Fixture Date Venue
WCC Wigan v Panthers February 25, 7:00am AEDST DW Stadium (A)

Regular Season

Match Fixture Date Venue
R1 Storm v Panthers March 8, 8:05pm AAMI Park
R2 Panthers v Eels March 15, 8:05pm BlueBet Stadium
R3 Panthers v Broncos March 21, 8:00pm BlueBet Stadium
R4 Roosters v Panthers March 28, 8:00pm Allianz Stadium
R5 Sea Eagles v Panthers April 6, 5:30pm 4 Pines Stadium
R7 Panthers v Tigers April 20, 3:00pm BlueBet Stadium
R8 Cowboys v Panthers April 27, 7:35pm Qld Country Bank Stadium
R9 Rabbitohs v Panthers May 2, 7:50pm Accor Stadium
R10 Panthers v Bulldogs May 10, 6:00pm BlueBet Stadium
R11 Warriors v Panthers May 19, 1:50pm Suncorp Stadium
R12 Sharks v Panthers May 26, 5:30pm PointsBet Stadium
R13 Panthers v Dragons June 1, 5:30pm BlueBet Stadium
R14 Panthers v Sea Eagles June 9, 4:05pm BlueBet Stadium
R15 Knights v Panthers June 16, 4:05pm McDonald Jones Stadium
R17 Panthers v Cowboys June 30, 4:05pm BlueBet Stadium
R18 Broncos v Panthers July 5, 8:00pm Suncorp Stadium
R20 Panthers v Dolphins July 21, 2:00pm BlueBet Stadium
R21 Dragons v Panthers July 28, 2:00pm Win Stadium
R22 Panthers v Knights August 4, 2:00pm BlueBet Stadium
R23 Eels v Panthers August 9, 8:00pm CommBank Stadium
R24 Panthers v Storm August 15, 7:50pm BlueBet Stadium
R25 Raiders v Panthers August 24, 3:00pm GIO Stadium
R26 Panthers v Rabbitohs August 30, 8:00pm Bluebet Stadium
R27 Panthers v Titans September 7, 7:35pm BlueBet Stadium

Match Breakdown

Date / Time Total Home Away Neutral Rounds
Thursday 8:00pm 4 2 2 0 R3, R4, R9, R24
Friday 6:00pm 1 1 0 0 R10
Friday 8:00pm 5 2 3 0 R1, R2, R18, R23, R26
Saturday 3:00pm 2 0 1 1 R7, R25
Saturday 5:30pm 3 1 2 0 R5, R12, R13
Saturday 7:35pm 2 1 1 0 R8, R27
Sunday 2:00pm 4 2 1 1 R11, R20, R21, R22
Sunday 4:05pm 3 2 1 0 R14, R15, R17
Bye 0 0 0 0 R6, R16, R19
Day Total Home Away
Thursday 4 2 2
Friday 6 3 3
Saturday 7 2 4
Sunday 7 4 2


I’m sure this will be an unpopular opinion… not a fan of how many Sunday games we got this year.

Don’t mind the draw. Thursday nights are hard for me, so only having two at home is a blessing, I had expected three or four. Given that one of them is on my birthday weekend, I have already spoken to my manager about the possibility of taking a long weekend, which would mean there would only be one game that I am likely to miss all season due to work.

As for other timeslots - Friday 6pm is a rush after work, but i can usually make it. Saturday & Sunday games will limit how often I get to watch other teams I follow in lower grades. Will sit down & sort it all out when all the other draws are released & I have a bit of time.

With the Bathurst game being Saturday at 3pm I might look at making the trip next year.

Our away game against the Raiders will probably be another trip worth taking, as I support them in the NRLW (due to us not having a team), and their game will be on before ours

I think this so called “draw” (its put together by channel nine, not drawn from a hat) is a lot better than this year.

Our early season and late season games (i.e hotter weather) are night games.

Our mid season / mid winter games are day games.

From a fans perspective that’s spot on. We may loose a bit of home ground advantage though.

We have a tough first three games, and in all honesty could loose them. Playing at Melbourne first round is just an insult. A good draw during origin and also for the last 3 games though.

To many Sunday games for next year I think this year draw we had 4 games played on Sunday

I’m not sure Brisbane can replicate what they did last year if I am being honest.

There are a few teams that are starting to string things together and will give the competition a decent shake, but I feel Penrith will be still to strong to deny their fourth grand final spot.

Crichton will be a big loss… probably the greatest loss we have had in this run so far, but I do like the talent we have to fill that space. The next man up philosophy has prepared the team well for a loss like Critta.

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I think the Broncos will go one of two ways, either top 4 again, or completely bomb out. They have the talent, but I question what the last 20 minutes did to them mentally.

As for teams to watch, I think the Warriors & Knights are on the rise & will probably go well into the finals. Manly & Bulldogs as potential top 8, but not challenging for the premiership, provided they don’t have too many hiccups.

If the hype train gets off Reece Walshes back then maybe they will do better… the media just piled onto him and overhyped him, the decline in his performance was noticeable.

I argue the same had happened to Latrell Mitchell, more interested in doing docos and sit down interview then actually playing good footy.

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