Off season drinks?

Just wondering if people are keen to get together for some drinks at the club over the off season?

If so, would you prefer before or after Xmas? What days & time suit people?

Unlike Kevin to knock a drink back. He must be sick. :upside_down_face: :wink:

Question - what is “some” ?

If i go for a drink, we are talking minimum 12 Schooners ! :wink:

12 is some isn’t it?

Depending on when, some might only be 1 or 2 for me :disappointed:

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… at my age 12 is beyond me, errr unless they’re in shot glasses !!!

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For a second i got excited thinking we were doing shots with schooners :joy:


What’s this schooner rubbish? It’s all pints for me lol


Pints? What about jugs?

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In all seriousness, I reckon after Christmas is a go. I don’t go back to work till 2nd week of January


For a while there I thought I was the only pisspot on the forum :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


LUV ya Birdman. :kissing:

If you were to attend and drink 12 schooners I’m sure the lads would throw in and shout you a St Johns ambulance back to the airport. :woozy_face:

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What are you talkin about Puss, surely you will be ok to drive him after 12 shots of beer…probs mid strength at best anyway :rofl:

not worried 'bout the beer, it’s the Longbranch bourbon whiskey refined with oak & Texas mesqite charcoals. yum yum !!! :relaxed:

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As Homer would say Arrrgggghhhhhhhhhh :wink:

are there any other mature gentlemen out there that enjoy a whiskey?

nb without the coke !

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I love a whiskey on the rocks. Faves are Chivas, Glen Fiddich, Lagavulin & Fireball

Why do they have to be “mature gentlemen”?

What 20 year old female scumbags can’t enjoy a nip of whiskey?

Ha Haaaaa just getting into 20th century conversation…don’t worry Puss, just gave myself an uppercut!!!

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This mature (Qualify by age but not necessarily mentality) gentleman is very partial to whiskey but these days I add a dash of soda. Previously I would drink it neat. JW Black Label is highly prized and I cannot remember any single malts which I didn’t enjoy.

Other offences to be taken into consideration :-
Coopers Beer,
Bombay sapphire gin


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My god Albert, I could make the same list!

I’m quite up for a nice Dram or two, straight no ice, single malt islay is my tipple, but I won’t so no to a nice four pillars, Buffalo trace or a rye of any brand.


Sorry for late notice, but will be at the club tomorrow to catch up with a couple of mates if anyone is keen for a beer. Getting there about 3pm

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