OK, after 5 rounds what are our prospects

A 3-1-1 record has us nicely positioned on the ladder.

Our forwards have been very good, with Api, Billy & Fish as good as most in the league in their positions, and the others holding their own as a pack. Capewell’s injury is a setback, but we do have good coverage.

Our backline is strong in bringing the ball back, but we lack punch on the right side in attack. Young Crichton will learn from his defensive lapses.

Our Achilles heel appears to be our spine. The spine is regarded as the make or break of any team. The benchmark teams are strong 1-6-7-9, at least in 3 of the 4 spots . Api & NC are up there with most, but we just aren’t there yet at 6 or 1. This may prove to be the difference from being Top 8 or a genuine contender.

One last point for now. Our support play is not what others have. When Blake made a break against us, up jumped Gutherson to latch onto the miracle ball - TRY!
Towards the end of the game, Martin make a clean line break, but no Aekins, Whare ot To’o in support - the play dies.

So I think we are a 1, 3 & 6 short of the benchmark teams. But our 6 will get better (whichever one) & we have options at FB. The invisible man?? He actually had his best game for a long time, but would not make the side in any contending team.


Pretty good assessment. We will make the finals, but a lot will depend on the form of a couple of key layers.

As has been suggested elsewhere, it might be worth trying Chrichton at fullback to see how he goes.

It might also be worth looking at putting Burton in the centres if we are going to go with Luai in the halves. I don’t like Burton coming off the bench.

Our forwards have been solid, with JFH, Kikau, Martin & Yeo giving 110% each week. They are laying the platform, it’s up to the backs to click into gear to take us to the next level.

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Agree with most but when you keep saying only 4 forwards are up their with the best, that is a real problem. The roosters were clinical for the most part last night, and that is thanks to their bench being as effective as starting forward at their best. Note: They didn’t even have their no1 enforcer last night against one of the most brutal defenses in the comp, make no mistake, those dogs forwards hurt when they hit you, they just don’t have the cattle across the park like us.

Problem with us, we still have 3 or 4 real passengers in our team, you might make the finals, but you won’t win a comp with these player deficiencies.

Agree 100% with the backing up the ball carrier, when we have been at our best in the past, there is always 2 or 3 runners just looking for that offload. That still happens occasionally and that is the problem, do we never expect Liam Martin to make a break or get an arm free to offload? Where as Tamou just turns his back ala the most overrated forward Aaron Woods!!

I sound like I am always picking on Tamou, but fact is his is better than what he is producing and others around him are playing him off a break with attitude and actions, that isn’t good.

What is happening with Hetherington, this new game would suit him down to the ground if he could minimise his penalties, up tempo aggressive style - PERFECT

As I understand it his aggression at a private party was what had him consigned to purgatory last season, and is still impacting him playing at this time. It is sometimes sensible to choose your battles carefully lest you get offside with the family.
I think one ‘scary/crazy’ guy up front is always a good thing & keeps the opposition ‘on notice’.
The problem for those in the squad, but no getting game time, is that there is no reserve grade for match fitness for those players. I see that some are suggesting May off the bench when his suspensions are over, but he will have no football behind him.
I think managing your squad will become important for all coaches, lest you have injuries in the regular guys and then you have no match-fit replacements.

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o’h dear…Glad to hear he is OK to play though :astonished:

if the ‘family?’ aren’t getting the job done, invite him to the party!

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