Old school players

Have you got any info about these former first grade players for the Panthers David Elvy, Justin Hair, Anthony Xuereb and Ben McFadgean. Any info about their Junior Club, High School attended etc.

Anthony Xuereb was a Mounty Boy, he grew up around Tregear. Went to Tregear Primary and Dunheaved High. He was a St Mary Saints Junior.

Dave Elvy is a country boy. Lived out in Parkes and played his junior footy there. He was involved with the Bathurst Panthers for some time post NRL career, playing them after he finished at Penrith. He lives out there now, I believe he is involved with CRL/NRL Development these days.

Ben McFadgean lived in Cambridge Park and played there in his juniors. He played for Penrith lower grades, he then moved to Queensland and played with the Ipswich Jets. I believed he returned to Queensland after his NRL stint at Penrith.

No idea about Justin Hair… know he played some reserve grade at Penrith in the early 90’s and a few first grade games, but nothing much more I remember.

Justin Hair grew up in the Blue Mountains attending Mount Riverview primary then Blaxland High. He played his junior league with Lower Mountains then moved to Emu Plains in his early teens.
He only played a couple of years at Penrith then retired to study and moved out of the Penrith area in the early 90s.