Panther Fan in Fiji

Just back from 2 weeks holiday in Fiji, away from Sydney winter. It could only happen to me - book the trip well over a year ahead, only to find we would miss 2 home games :slight_smile:

Watched the Raiders, Bulldogs & Sharks games on TV live there, so good and bad.

During our stay in Hideaway Resort on Coral Coast, I met a bartender who’s name was Villiame. I said that we have a Villiame playing for our team back home in the NRL. He said “yes, Villiame Kikau plays for Penrith Panthers - that’s my team”. I shook his hand and we discussed the Panthers.

I asked him was he working tomorrow night, the night we were to play the Sharks. He said yes & I said ok I will see you here. The next day I caught up with him and gave him two of my Panthers Members caps, which he was most happy about. He told me we were going to beat the Sharks, something I was not too sure about, but he was adamant.

We watched the game & of course he was right, and now he can wear the caps with pride - perhaps it was karma for me gifting him the caps. Vinaka.


You just wanted to tell us you went to Fiji :rofl: