Panthers 2019 Draw & Trials

Panthers 2019 Trials

Round Home Away Venue Day Date Time
W1 South Sydney Rabbitohs v Penrith Panthers Redfern Oval SAT 23 February 2019 TBA
W2 Penrith Panthers v Parramatta Eels Panthers Stadium SAT 2 March 2019 TBA

Panthers 2019 Season Draw

Round Home Away Venue Day Date Time
R1 Penrith Panthers v Parramatta Eels Panthers Stadium SUN 17th March 2019 4.05pm
R2 Newcastle Knights v Penrith Panthers McDonald Jones SAT 23rd March 2019 5.30pm
R3 Penrith Panthers v Melbourne Storm Carrington Park SAT 30th March 2019 7.35pm
R4 Penrith Panthers v Wests Tigers Panthers Stadium FRI 5th April 2019 7.55pm
R5 Gold Goast Titans v Penrith Panthers CBUS Super Stadium FRI 12th April 2019 6.00pm
R6 Cronulla Sharks v Penrith Panthers Shark Park THU 18th April 2019 7.50pm
R7 Penrith Panthers v South Sydney Rabbitohs Panthers Stadium FRI 26th April 2019 7.55pm
R8 Canberra Raiders v Penrith Panthers Mcdonalds Park SAT 4th May 2019 3.00pm
R9 Wests Tigers v Penrith Panthers Suncorp Stadium FRI 10th May 2019 6.00pm
R10 Penrith Panthers v New Zealand Warriors Panthers Stadium FRI 17th May 2019 6.00pm
R11 Parramatta Eels v Penrith Panthers Western Sydney Stadium THU 23rd May 2019 7.50pm
R12 Penrith Panthers v Manly Sea Eagles Panthers Stadium THU 30th May 2019 7.50pm
R13 Penrith Panthers v Sydney Roosters Panthers Stadium SUN 9th June 2019 4.05pm
R14 South Sydney Rabbitohs v Penrith Panthers ANZ Stadium SAT 15th June 2019 5.30pm
R15 New Zealand Warriors v Penrith Panthers Mt Smart Stadium SUN 30th June 2019 2.00pm
R16 Bye
R17 Penrith Panthers v Gold Goast Titans Panthers Stadium FRI 12th July 2019 6.00pm
R18 Penrith Panthers v St George Illawarra Dragons Panthers Stadium FRI 19th July 2019 7.55pm
R19 Penrith Panthers v Canberra Raiders Panthers Stadium SUN 28th July 2019 4.05pm
R20 Canterbury Bulldogs v Penrith Panthers Western Sydney Stadium SAT 3rd August 2019 5.30pm
R21 Penrith Panthers v Cronulla Sharks Panthers Stadium FRI 9th August 2019 7.55pm
R22 Brisbane Broncos v Penrith Panthers Suncorp Stadium FRI 16th August 2019 7.55pm
R23 North Queensland Cowboys v Penrith Panthers 1300SMILES Stadium FRI 23rd August 2019 6.00pm
R24 Sydney Roosters v Penrith Panthers Sydney Cricket Ground SAT 31st August 2019 7.35pm
R25 Penrith Panthers v Newcastle Knights Panthers Stadium SUN 8th September 2019 4.05pm

Round 1 has been announced vs Parramatta at Panthers Stadium on Sunday 17th March.

Round 3 - Saturday 30th March, 7.30 PM at Carrington Park, Bathurst. Opponent TBA.

Round 9 - NRL Magic Round at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane.
Friday 10th May, 6 PM. Tigers v Panthers (Wests home game) will be the opener for the Friday night double header - the other game looks like it will be Manly vs Broncos.

Full draw below or on the club website.

Day Date Time Opponent Venue TV
Round 1 Sunday 17th March 4.05pm Eels Panthers Stadium 9/FOX
Round 2 Saturday 23rd March 5.30pm Knights McDonald Jones FOX
Round 3 Saturday 30th March 7.35pm Storm Carrington Park FOX
Round 4 Friday 5th April 7.55pm Tigers Panthers Stadium FOX
Round 5 Friday 12th April 6.00pm Titans CBUS Super Stadium FOX
Round 6 Thursday 18th April 7.50pm Sharks Shark Park 9/FOX
Round 7 Friday 26th April 7.55pm Souths Panthers Stadium 9/FOX
Round 8 Saturday 4th May 3.00pm Raiders Mcdonalds Park FOX
Round 9 Friday 10th May 6.00pm Tigers Suncorp Stadium FOX
Round 10 Friday 17th May 6.00pm Warriors Panthers Stadium FOX
Round 11 Thursday 23rd May 7.50pm Eels Western Sydney Stadium 9/FOX
Round 12 Thursday 30th May 7.50pm Sea Eagles Panthers Stadium 9/FOX
Round 13 Sunday 9th June 4.05pm Roosters Panthers Stadium 9/FOX
Round 14 Saturday 15th June 5.30pm Rabbitohs ANZ Stadium FOX
Round 15 Sunday 30th June 2.00pm Warriors Mt Smart Stadium FOX
Round 17 Friday 12th July 6.00pm Titans Panthers Stadium FOX
Round 18 Friday 19th July 7.55pm Dragons Panthers Stadium FOX
Round 19 Sunday 28th July 4.05pm Raiders Panthers Stadium 9/FOX
Round 20 Saturday 3rd August 5.30pm Bulldogs Western Sydney Stadium FOX
Round 21 Friday 9th August 7.55pm Sharks Panthers Stadium FOX
Round 22 Friday 16th August 7.55pm Broncos Suncorp Stadium 9/FOX
Round 23 Friday 23rd August 6.00pm Cowboys 1300SMILES Stadium FOX
Round 24 Saturday 31st August 7.35pm Roosters TBA 9/FOX
Round 25 Sunday 8th September 4.05pm Knights Panthers Stadium 9/FOX

10 Friday night games - half with a 6.00 kickoff, the other half with a 7.55 kickoff
6 Saturdays
5 Sundays
3 Thursdays - and only one of these a home game

Play twice: Eels, Knights, Tigers, Titans, Sharks, Rabbitohs, Raiders, Warriors, Roosters
Play once: Cowboys, Broncos, Bulldogs, Dragons, Sea Eagles, Storm

For ‘magic round’ believe it or not the Broncos game (vs Manly) is an AWAY game for them!!! So they get that game on their home ground + their regular 12 home games ALL at Suncorp. Give them Ashley Klein each week and they are home & hosed for the semis

One of the worst draws I have seen in recent memory. Not a single home game on Saturday, the day where we pull the best crowds.

I dread to see the lack of traffic flowing to the leagues club post game. What a disaster.

Agree Steve, absolutely terrible scheduling. Too many Fri nights, including 6pm starts!!

I recall a few years ago the NRL asked clubs for their preferred timeslots. Penrith advised them Sat 7:30 & Sun afternoon. The draw came out with only one home game in each of the preferred slots and a bunch of 5:30 Sat, 2pm Sun and Fri night - thanks for nothing NRL.

The silence from the club mouthpiece is deafening on this. Perhaps small crowds will justify more and more games away from Penrith, including I guess the new Parra stadium.

I see the boss of Broncos trumpeting the draw those pricks have been gifted. Thu & Fri night regulars, 12 home games plus a game at Suncorp as the away team.

We have bought our season tickets, but the draw does no favours for us to see our team play.

… there’s been no value in season tickets for some years what with Thursday & Monday night football. A working week and school limits what the kittens are allowed round this household… :unamused:

Gotta say, from a selfish perspective, I love the draw but that is because I finish at 12 on Fridays, love a Super Saturday BBQ with mates, Sunday’s are also good for me.

Completely understand from a crowd perspective though, I go to most games regardless.

I, like a lot of others, find Thursday and 6pm Friday games (almost) impossible to get to due to work.
This wa something the club (Gould) made a lot of noise about in the past, but strangely the club is now silent. No home Saturday games (day or night), what a joke!

That first game in March on the Sunday arvo should be stinking hot, hope we learn from mistakes of the past and wear the white strip - doesn’t help the fans though.

Playing a trial against parra then two weeks later the season opener? Could be a risky move.

Does the club get a say on the Bathurst game? Seems to me if you wanted to maximise home ground advantage a 7:30 game mid winter against the cows would suffice. That said unlikely to get many Storm fans to the game.

Seems like the draw gets set up firstly on what the Broncos want, then TV, and the fans can get stuffed… or should I just put my tinfoil hat back on lol

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thanks for the work in posting the draw and data re days etc…great work

On the draw i joked on another thread what if we are o from 7 without having seen the draw and our first 7 rounds is full of risk…with only 3 home games in our first 7

Eels first up are always an each way bet and they will be motivated to get off to a good start to repair the damage of this year but is at home
Knights away will be tough
Storm in Bathurst is no give me
Tigers at home and boy will they be motivated against their old coach
Titans away then Sharks away before we meet Souths at home.

No easy games in that 7

I disagree SBF - the only reason you wouldn’t expect a minimum 4 wins from those 7 is if you had no “Grand” plans. Our squad and so called troubles behind us should result in some pretty good performances early. I don’t want to think about the alternatives from your potential results.

Given that Sunday is the only day that I’m guaranteed to have off (although I’m good at getting RDOs in game days) any timeslots on Thursday, Friday & Saturday can be a challenge for me.

Luckily the Bathurst game is while I’m on holidays, so I will be able to get there for once. Does anyone know when the Grandstand tickets for Bathurst go on sale?

… looking at trial dates, do you think it’s wise to play a Parra trial
2 weeks before we meet them again in the Premiership proper ???
I reckon we should keep our powder dry, so to speak.

As long as we beat those featherdick a every Game, I’d be happy to play 10 times lol - but if we are a chance of losing, don’t play em at all.


UPDATE: Change to the 2019 Preseason. Rooster have pulled out of the clash at Panthers Stadium. The Panthers will instead play South Sydney at Redfern Oval.

Why did the Roosters chicken out?

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Sadly, no mention was made on why it was cancelled.

I am only speculating but it might have to do with the Roosters preparations for the WCC perhaps.