Panthers 2022 Jerseys Released

Gear Up. Go Again. '22 kit available now.

Panthers Media | 2 November 2021

Penrith Panthers is thrilled to unveil the club’s on-field and training range for the 2022 season.

Bluestone Home Loans has upgraded its Panthers partnership in 2022, with the Bluestone Home Loans logo to feature on the chest of Panthers jerseys for the next two seasons.

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The Home, Away and Alternate jersey designs remain otherwise unchanged from the club’s historic 2021 season.

The new-look Panthers training range (tees, singlets, shorts and long sleeve shirt) is also now available for purchase via the Panther Shop.

The 2022 range again features the club’s iconic liquorice all-sorts colours while prioritising peak performance with a dynamic combination of lightweight, breathable and quick drying materials.


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Disappointed with the ‘new’ alternate.
They’ve missed an opportunity to experiment IMO.

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Yep, the club / NrL has certainly missed an opportunity here to fully capitalize on our success by introducing new away / alternative kit

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Surely I can not be the only one that would like to see as wear this as our away strip;


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Sorry @SouthernHillFan. I don’t long for the days of Brown and White as much as others. Maybe as a heritage jersey, but that’s about it.

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What about a full ‘teal’ alternate strip ?

Ladies - pink, men - blue, Panthers - black

Call me cynical but do we really need to change these strips on an annual basis other than to reflect sponsors. Obviously not confined to Panthers but it is just a revenue raising exercise and an unwelcome burden for some parents.


I agree @AlbertRoss, and to a degree I think they have mostly kept to that. Except for the faint grey bars, and the needed change in sponsors, I think the jersey is almost the exact same as 2020.

I would imagine at a distance, you couldn’t tell the difference.

Kevin, would you wear pink anywhere other than the game?
So, what about teal?

If we are talking about away jerseys… I was always a fan on this little number.

I actually thought the black/gold imitating your New Orleans Saints looked smart.

I admit @Puss… I did like that too… Then they hit us with the liquorice all-sorts jersey and I went all weak at the knees.

The heart wants what the heart wants…

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No and No thanks

I like the current set up of jerseys, our away strip to keep the 91 first GF fresh in our minds. The Pink keeps many ladies (and some men) interested because they now have an option.

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