Panthers Achilles heel, but don’t write them off yet

Several points from the article have been made by members of this forum over the last few weeks!!!

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Interesting comments about hookers; I wonder if Nathan Cleary will have a number nine on his back someday?

I can only see that happening now if we manage to get Burton back.

That said, I think he will make a brilliant hooker layer in his career, we would just need to find a number 7 jersey to fit Yeo lol

Moving Cleary to 9 would be one of the worst decisions made by a coach ever. So bad that I would have to question the mentality of the coach deciding it.

Hookers and Halfbacks have similar roles. But a transition to half usually happens from Hooker to Half (like Craig Gower) and less the other way around (like Peter Wallace).

Hookers are fast thinkers and typically stick to a plan, it helps get them a quick delivery and helps with split second decisions. Being a half involves much more. The game plan can be fluid and needs to relayed to the team (including the Hooker), and they need more time to decide what action is needed, and they need to be more across the park, I think of it more as a air traffic controller, needing to know where all the planes are in the air.

I see it to be a easy transition to 9 to 7. I just think it’s hard putting the genie back in the bottle though.

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I think if Cleary is to move away from the halves, lock might be his position. He is physical enough for the role, but may need to bulk a bit more.

I’m saying that, I can’t see him moving from the halves any time soon.

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All valid points Steve but may I mention a guy that transitioned from half to hooker at the Melbourne Storm.


As I said it’s not usually the case though, I would think that there are some exceptions, I thought Wallace’s transition to Hooker was rather successful as well.

I was pointing out Cleary particularly. By the time he retires, he will be one of, if not the best halfbacks in the modern game. I’m not sure I would want to park a player like that at Hooker.