Panthers and O'Neills launch Jersey Revolution

Panthers and O’Neills launch Jersey Revolution

Panthers Media | Friday 1 Nov 2019

Panthers has joined forces with apparel partner O’Neills to launch the #JerseyRevolution and provide Panthers fans with the most affordable jerseys in the NRL.

For 99 hours from 12pm today, the all-new 2020 Panthers Home and Away Jerseys are exclusively available for $99 in-store and online at the Panther Shop.

When the launch promotion ends at 3pm on Tuesday 5 November, both jerseys will revert to the regular price of $117 for Panthers members and $129.99 for non-members, establishing a new pricing benchmark for official NRL jerseys.

The #JerseyRevolution coincides with confirmation O’Neills has signed on as official apparel partner of the Panthers for the next three years. The Ireland-based manufacturer will produce the club’s playing kit and training apparel, as well as supplying a wide range of off-field and supporter wear items.

“Panthers is delighted to link up with O’Neills and provide our fans with the most affordable jerseys in the NRL, without compromising on quality,” Panthers Chairman Dave O’Neill said.

“Through innovation and forward-thinking, this partnership has delivered a game-changing outcome for our loyal members and fans.

“This is only the beginning and we look forward to working closely with O’Neills over the years ahead.”

O’Neills Australasia General Manager Antoinette Brophy said the manufacturer was similarly delighted to partner with Penrith Panthers and launch the #JerseyRevolution.

“O’Neills has been the choice of champions since 1918 and we are thrilled to align the O’Neills brand with another sporting powerhouse in Penrith Panthers,” Antoinette said.

“We have taken a ‘whole of club’ approach for Panthers and we’re excited to deliver a quality outcome for players, staff and supporters in all facets of the kit design and development from our manufacturing plant in Ireland.

“Our focus on delivering quality, high performance team wear has been more than 100 years in the making and we’re looking forward to a successful relationship with the Panthers family.”


Good luck to O’Neil’s but I’ve got shirts coming out of my xxx.
Black ones, white ones, pink ones, teal ones, brown & white.
So how about a trade-in? I drop off 5 shirts I get another $10 off a newy.
What d’ya do with ‘em? Shred em, salvos, send them to the bush!

I like that idea. If I remember there was something going on along those lines a fair few years back. The club sent their kit as well as other gear to PNG.

It would be good to see a collection of fans gear (within reason of course, in good condition, licenced etc.) collected by the club and a credit issued on a new jersey and then the jerseys sent to PNG where the Panthers have quite a following.

Maybe something the club should investigate.

… hands up, who bought a new shirt ?

Kevin’s outgrown his and may have to have it surgically removed. :upside_down_face:

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Seriously Puss, I have about 6 jersey’s that ‘no longer fit’ for 1 reason or - nah just the one reason lol

Love the Idea Puss, everyone wants the current model, but like you said, when your cupboard is full, no real point, other than getting the bigger size ha haaaa

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Away strip = Pink Jersey

I don’t mind it, I like the white jersey and they should wear this in warm weather.

The pink version is a alternate and will be used in the NRL Nines.

The white strip will still be the default away strip. The Pink jersey will be only use on occasions where the away jersey would clash or a special event (such as Women in League round).

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Oops, thanks for the clarification mate, My much preferred option lol

Common sense being applied at Penrith……I wonder why !