Panthers Greatest Grand Final Team - Prop

Who do you consider to be our greatest Grand Final Props?

  • Paul Clarke
  • Barry Walker
  • Paul Dunn
  • Joel Clinton
  • Martin Lang
  • James Tamou
  • James Fisher-Harris

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PAUL CLARKE (1990 & 1991)

A Balmain junior, he and his first grade debut in 1984, playing 64 games over 6 years, scoring 1 try. He unfortunately missed both the 1988 & 1989 Grand Finals due to injury.

He joined the Panthers in 1990, playing 86 games (including the 1990 & 1991 Grand Finals), scoring 2 tries.

In 1994 he moved to Parramatta, where he played 36 games over 2 seasons, scoring 3 tries.

He represented City Origin twice.



A Panthers junior, he made his first grade debut in 1988 and went on to play 117 games over 9 seasons, including the 1990 & 1991 Grand Finals (1991 in second row). He scored 9 tries during his career.


PAUL DUNN (1991)

An Orange & Bathurst junior, he was recruited by the Roosters in 1984, playing 36 games over 2 seasons, scoring 2 tries.

Transferring to Bulldogs in 1986, he played 100 games over 5 seasons, including the 1986 & 1988 Grand Finals, winning the Clive Churchill medal in 1988. He scored 5 tries for the Bulldogs.

He joined Panthers in 1991, playing 34 games over 2 season, including the 1991 Grand Final.

Moving to Parramatta in 1993, he played 60 games over 3 seasons, scoring once.

He returned to the Roosters for a final season in 1996, playing 24 games & scoring once.

He represented City Origin twice, and Country Origin 3 times.

He represented NSW 3 times.

He represented Australia 13 times.


A Riverstone junior, who played lower grades with Parramatta.

He made his first grade debut with Panthers in 2002, playing 137 games over 6 seasons, including the 2003 Grand Final. He scored 5 tries.

He moved to the Broncos in 2008, playing 45 games over 2 seasons, scoring 3 times.

He moved to Hull Kingston Rovers in 2010, playing 59 games over 3 seasons, scoring twice.

He represented City Origin 3 times.

He represented Australia once.


A Sharks junior, he made his first grade debut in 1996, playing 109 games over 6 seasons, scoring twice.

He transferred to Panthers in 2002, playing 67 games over 3 seasons, including the 2003 Grand Final.

He represented Queensland 8 times.



A Levin Knights (NZ) and Paddington junior, he played lower grades with the Roosters.

Recruited by the Cowboys, he made his first grade debut in 2009, playing 170 games over 8 seasons, including the 2015 Grand Final. He scored 12 tries, including 1 in the 2015 Grand Final.

Transferring to Panthers in 2017, he played 97 games over 4 seasons, scoring 10 tries.

He represented City Origin once, scoring a try.

He represented NSW 14 times.

He has represented NZ Māori 3 times.

He has represented Australia 12 times, scoring twice.

He represented NRL Allstars once.


A Whangarei Marist (NZ) junior, he was recruited to play in the Panthers juniors in 2013.

He made his first grade debut in 2016, and has played 110 games so far, including the 2020 Grand Final. He has scored 7 tries.

He has represented New Zealand 6 times, and NZ Māori once.

Its hard to pick just 2 out of this group.

I remember Nobby Clarke as part of 2 awesome forward packs in the late 80s & early 90s, and as good as any forward he played alongside. Very unlucky not to play in 4 consecutive Grand Finals.

Barry Walker was often unheralded, but never let anyone down. (He will get a second bite when we vote for 2nd row).

Paul Dunn earned his stripes in the Bulldogs packs of the late 80s, and brought that toughness with him when he joined us.

I remember Joel Clinton as much for his mouth, but at least he backed it up on the field.

Martin Lang was as fearless as they come, with his upright running style.

James Tamou always leads from the front, especially in our charge towards the 2020 Grand Final.

James Fisher-Harris has been our best & most consistent player over the last 2-3 years, and is another who never takes a backward step.

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Gee, it doesn’t get any easier, does it?

My first prop is Fisher-Harris. Huge motor, huge minutes & huge heart. You get impression he’d die for his team.

Choosing his partner is so tough. I should remember more about Walker & Clarke, but they’ve faded from memory a bit. Lang was fearless. He took a brutal head-high battering from that grub Morley in the 03 GF (the commentators never called it head-hunting, just hard Rooster defence. Talk about biased!) How he kept getting up, I’ll never know.

I have a great regard for Tamou, he seems like the ultimate club man & a very decent man. He really grew as captain this year, am very sorry to see him go.

In the end, I’ll go with Paul Dunn. Tough as, and as Mutley said, he brought that with him from the Dogs.

So. JFH & Dunn for mine.

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It was not an easy choice for the second one, after Fish was my first choice, but I went with Clinton for just the gladiator he was.

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Not an easy choice by any means.

I had to go for Marty for his absolute passion and fearlessness.

It was a toss up between Dunn, Clarke and Walker for the other spot. I went with Dunn.

All great forwards each and everyone of them. I reckon JFH will eclipse them in years to come.

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I would have picked JFH (easy pick) and Nobby Clarke who is probs a smidge IMO in front of the remaining players, who mind you would be within a % or 2 of each other.

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