Panthers name NRL Nines Squad

Panthers names star-studded Nines squad

Panthers Media - Friday 7 Feb 2020

Panthers coach Ivan Cleary has confirmed his 18-man squad to contest the 2020 NRL Nines tournament in Perth next week.

Nathan Cleary and Jarome Luai will direct the team around the park and are joined by fellow NRL regulars Dylan Edwards, Dean Whare, Viliame Kikau and Josh Mansour.

A host of exciting young talent including Stephen Crichton, Matt Burton, Billy Burns and Daine Laurie will also make the trip to Perth.

New recruit Api Koroisau will take the field as a Panther for the first time since 2015, while fellow hooker Tyson Smoothy will get a chance to impress after joining the club on a train-and-trial deal several weeks ago.

All 2020 NRL Nines games will be broadcast live on NRL Live Pass, Fox League and Kayo (Australia) and Sky NZ (New Zealand).

The Panthers NRL Nines squad is as follows:

  1. Dylan Edwards
  2. Josh Mansour
  3. Dean Whare
  4. Brent Naden
  5. Stephen Crichton
  6. Jarome Luai
  7. Nathan Cleary
  8. Moses Leota
  9. Apisai Koroisau
  10. Jack Hetherington
  11. Viliame Kikau
  12. Billy Burns
  13. Liam Martin
  14. Kaide Ellis
  15. Daine Laurie
  16. Matt Burton
  17. Caleb Aekins
  18. Tyson Smoothy


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Looks like a strong squad. The Panthers are going to have a real dig at it this year.

Brian To’o out injured ?

To’o ended up in hospital with dehydration last week or the week before. Probably being rested as a precaution.


Looks like we intend to win something this year……….9’s :frowning_face:

It’s just the beginning Kevin… First the Nines… then on to bigger things :wink:

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One can only hope Steve, unfortunately, I don’t see our squad as contenders this year, just don’t have that feeling of anticipation. Normally as you know I am an undefeated minor premiers / premiers thinker, not this year, I think we will struggle to make the 8……….AGAIN

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Agree Kevin, cannot see us making the 8 at all and would see this trip as a “junket”

Seriously why would you take “key” premiership players to a circus event in Perth.
The only caveat would be if we are obliged by some dumb NRL rule to take high profile players but seriously why would you risk KiKau, Cleary et al in a circus in Perth?

Sure take kids who may be on the fringe but the season is long enough for the likes of Kikau and Cleary etc

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Looking forward to the nines to break a long , hot, flooding, Smokey football free summer.

Even the cricket was little relief this year (what is with the scheduling!).

Good to see Hethrington back, he’s obviously served his time in pergutory.

Not sure I would of played Cleary, surely we have enough nines halves with Burton and Leui.

Hope Kikau (and all the boys) don’t pick up an injury. The two “Billys” are made for this format of the game.

Having ditched foxtel, Kayo here I come!

Well it may just be nines, but gee we showed determination in that first game.

Api is going to make a big difference this year.

Kikau showed his best

Big reveal for me, is just how much a real deal Burton is, if he keeps up form like that though the trials, he may just be our 6 (although in reality he should be 7 and Cleary 6 - there, I’ve said it lol).

Good return by Hethrington, and he didn’t give away a penalty lol. Certainly seemed to have calmed down.

This 20 min shot of footy should keep me going a little while…

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… agree, it’s entertaining leading into the season
but I’m not getting carried away, it’s early days !!!

I was impressed with how they looked fitness wise. Every man to a tea was cut hard, even the coach looked ready to play again.

It is a major effect if your ready to go first round, too many times do you see fitness early as the cause for losses, hopefully not this year.

Is anyone going to mention “that call” - o’h I just did…IMO just another Penrithism!

The positive is we got out early with no injuries woo hoo