Panthers popularity booming

I was thinking this today. Saw another one of those crane/grab vending machines with NRL club balls - no Penrith ones left. I have noticed this is usually the case over the last 12-18 months. Penrith is the club all the kids are following!


Presumably Paul Kent would describe this as fake news.

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I tweeted him the link asking his thoughts. Will be interesting to see if he replies

You might need to arrange a defib for him.

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I moved recently from Dungog to Old Bar (near Taree), and you can’t count the number of kids wearing Panthers jerseys - and Taree isn’t a rich town, so for parents to shell out big bucks for a jersey really means something.

The last few years of success must have had a big impact, but for the kids here to connect with the Panthers in such a big way when they’re not even locals is great to see!