Panthers Stadium to get a new Screen

The screen at the soon to be demolished Subiaco Oval in Perth will have a new home at the foot of the mountains. The former home of the AFL’s West Coast Eagles in currently in process of decommissioning, and the Panthers have secured the iconic screen. It will be a welcome addition the stadium where there has been many complaints about the small size of the rented screens.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited to see this make it’s way to Penrith?

Really not fussed 'bout the big screen.
If I want to watch TV I stay home. All
you’re gonna get is more VAR crap.
Puts even more pressure on the refs/officials.
If Gus got it for nothin, fair enough.
Look, there’s always gonna be controversy.
Gives us something to whinge about here,
at work, or down the pub. But really technology
Is killin the damn game not resurrecting it.
Thumbs down, it’s not needed in my book.

Bring back the panther scoreboard I say!

Not that I could ever see the score on it, without contorting my neck into strange angles, being on the Southern Hill and all!

In all honesty it sounds like a reasonable score if we got it off gumtree for a dollar, would be nice if we could honour our history and build a panther shape around it though.

Alternatively, if it’s going on the family hill, maybe shape it like a double decker bus with a blue elephant on it.

Guess I may be showing my age and some of the younger folk are going WTF!


I tend to agree with Puss, not that fussed but I must say, when I take my daughter and sit on the hill at the southern end, I find myself using the screen a fair bit. If i’m on my own, no need for replays as I watch the entire game…FOCUSSED !

Wonder what the delivery charge is?

Probably a case of beer, or we had to pick it up in the back of the Panthers ute