Panthers Team of the 21st century

Now the season is over I thought I’d come up with my team of the 2000’s. The only criteria Ive used is that all players selected are more or less in their best position and they played 10 games or more. Here goes
1 Rhys Wesser
2 Amos Roberts
3 Ryan Girdler
4 Michael Jennings
5 Brian To’o
6 Preston Campbell
7 Craigh Gower
8 Petro
9 Peter Wallace
10 Marty Lang
11 Viliame Kikau
12 James Fisher Harris
13 Trent Waterhouse

Tyrone Peachy
Joel Clinton
Tony Puletua
Luke Lewis

Reserves …Nathan Cleary, Adam Docker, Scott Sattler, Sam Mckendry.

Who have I missed? Who would you include?

… Luke Priddis has to there for mine !
and if you name Tony Puletua you have to include
Joe Galuvao. Also Michael Gordon deserves mention.

  1. Wesser

  2. Rooney

  3. Girdler

  4. Jennings

  5. Lewis

  6. Campbell

  7. Gower (C)

  8. Lang

  9. Priddis

  10. Civoniceva

  11. T Puletua

  12. Kikau

  13. Fisher-Harris

  14. Wallace

  15. Waterhouse

  16. Clinton

  17. Sattler

  18. Cleary

  19. Merrin

  20. Tamou

  21. Galuvao


No surprises that most were in our premiership team.

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Not too different from my team…I forgot to name the coach but agree with you J. Lang is the obvious choice.
On reflection should have found a spot for Luke Priddis also…he certainly was my favourite player (one afternoon at least) when in the Irish Club in Cambridge Park I backed him to score the first try and he duly obliged at $26. Good on you Lukey!!!

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Some tough choices, but here goes;

  1. Wesser (Coote a close 2nd)
  2. M. Gordon
  3. Girdler
  4. Fatuera
  5. Lewis
  6. Jimmy (controversial, but in this team would win the GF)
  7. Gower
  8. Petro
  9. Wallace (just imagine wall and gowie swapping roles during the game!)
  10. Lange
  11. T. Pulatua
  12. Kikau
  13. Sattler


  1. Priddis
  2. Tamou
  3. JFH
  4. Merrin


  1. Plum
  2. Gulavou
  3. F. Pulatua
  4. Clinton

This team would beat anyone

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You should probably name a Top 30 squad similar to teams in the NRL today.

Unapologetic bump!

Let’s revive this thread, then we will set up a poll for the team of the millennium!

Nominations so far:

Fullback: Wesser / Coote
Wingers: Roberts, Rooney, Gordon, Lewis, To’o
Centres:Girdler, Whateira, Lewis, Peachey, Jennings
5/8: Jimmy, Preston, Campbell
1/2: Gower, Cleary, Wallace
Prop: Petro, F. Pulatua, Clinton, Tamou, Lang, Macca
2nd row: T. Pulatua, Guavau, Waterhouse, Kikau, JFH
Lock: Sattler, JFH, Waterhouse, Plum, Merrin, Docker
Hooker: Priddis, Wallace, Gower

Hope I have covered everyone from the above posts.

Interchange and reserves will be selected from 2 x front rowers, 1 x 2nd rower/ lock, and 1 x Half/Hooker/ Five Eighth. Ina lol case the next highest votes.

If a player scores highest in two categories, the highest scoring of the two categories the player will win, the 2nd place in the foregone category shall fill the other position.

In the event a player scores equal in Two categories and is highest placed, the next highest placed player in each category shall determine the team allocation; for example if Gower scores highest and equal score for Hooker and Half, and Priddis scores more for Hooker than Wallace scores for Half, Gower will be Half back and Priddis will be hooker.

Feel free to add more players or team lists, the greater the participation the more accurate the results.

I am sure currently or former players would welcome advice of them being named in the team.