Peachey wants out of Titans Contract

Penrith Panthers star Tyrone Peachey wants out of Gold Coast Titans deal

Penrith centre Tyrone Peachey has declared he does not want to move to the Gold Coast next season despite signing a three-year deal with the Titans.

Peachey agreed to the contract with the Titans in March but on Wednesday he said he had instructed his manager, Sam Ayoub, that he wanted to stay with the Panthers.

The NSW representative said he did not want to relocate his young family and had recently bought a house in western Sydney.

Peachey will line up in the centres for the Panthers in Friday night’s sudden-death semi-final against the Cronulla Sharks at Allianz Stadium.

“I love this club. They gave me this opportunity to play consistent first grade and I wouldn’t have left if I didn’t have to,” he said.

“We just built in Penrith so my missus is really comfortable at our new place. I spoke to my manager and told him what I wanted to happen.”

Peachey told Ayoub he didn’t want to worry about the contract situation until the end of the season.

“I just want to worry about Penrith at the moment and we’ll figure it all out. I told him I don’t want to talk about it,” he said.

“I have my full faith and trust in him making the right decision for me. Wherever I need to be, I’ll be.”

The recent announcement that Corey Harawira-Naera is leaving Penrith next year to link with Canterbury could help Penrith accommodate Peachey under their salary cap.

Peachey denied he wanted to back out of his Titans deal because he wanted representative bonuses added into his deal.

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Judging by the article Tyrone Peachey wants to remain at the Panthers. I suspect this has been going on for some time, as the Corey Harawira-Naera release to the Bulldogs seems a bit out of the blue like something else was going on that the club didn’t want to make apparent.

At the end of the day, the decision is with the Titans, only they can grant a release. Time will tell I guess.

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the decision is with the Titans, only they can grant a release

If this is true and Penrith want to keep him (Salary cap may be a problem), then I think it would be silly for the Titans to not grant a release.

UPDATE: Penrith Panthers CEO Brian Fletcher has stated that the Panthers are unable to afford Tyrone Peachey.

UPDATE: Gold Coast Titans CEO Graham Annesley has stated that a release has not been sought by Peachey’s management and one won’t be granted as they intend for him to honor his contract.

unfortunate story to come out at this stage of the season, another piece mishandling
on the larger issue of Peach…let him go to the Titans and buy a quality centre

Luai has more gears then Peach and imo would be worth hanging onto over Peach

I love the Peach - he reminds me a lot of Presto & you never know what you are going to get with him. In the modern game of chess that RL has become, you sometimes need an x-factor player to win games, and there is not doubt he can be very exciting, or very bad for the heart.

In a full strength backline next year we will have Edwards, Mansour, Blake, Whare, DWZ, so not spot there for Peachey. So is he ‘worth’ the coin to be a utility from bench & back-up for one of the 5 when we have injuries or rep duties? I’m not sure how many dollars such a player is worth. That said, I hope we can find a way for him to stay - I think he would be good for us, and the GC is not the utopia some think. The Titans will feel they may need to show some balls and fight for Peachey to honour the deal - they have been treated as a joke in that regard in the past. But who wants to make stand and force someone to play with you, when they really don’t want to be there.

And ‘steam’, for me, Luai & Peachey are not competing for the same cap space. Luai will slot in nicely when Jimmy goes. Really Peach and May are more competing for the same cap spot as #1 utility.

From most reports today, it seem to be a media beat up.

What really disappoints me is that this was reported by the NRL. I have notice lately the NRL are publishing ‘Independent’ journalist syndicated articles which are gossip like in nature. They really shouldn’t be reporting this kind of junk.

so he won’t be with Panthers next year ???

then best of luck, thanks for your efforts. :sunglasses: