Penny Park Knock down rebuild

Nine news has just announced funding in next weeks state budget for a new 25 to 30k seat stadium at Penrith.

2 years playing out of Bankwest wont be fun

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yeah just heard the same and would be a great development for the area and club.
Penrith has a rich history in almost all sports and to get an upgrade would be brilliant

Just hope its an upgrade which is world class like the Bankwest rebuild.

Agree SBH, hopefully improved on both Bankwest and Townsville stadiums, with its own unique identity.

Incorporate a giant hell’s bell and panther scoreboard into the design!


whilst i would love a giant bell etc, you would have to be mindful this would be an all sport /all event facility
on the facility, i agree with you fully about being of the quality, prestige etc of the 2 you mentioned.
dare to dream it could be better then Bankwest…never know with our local member in Stuart Ayres who might be plumping for a stunner of a stadium

$200- $300m buys a mighty development

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Yep, while I was previously working on a different site (which would not have required the existing to be demolished), good to see the mixed entertainment use and capacity has transferred to this project.

Hopefully it includes a translucent roof as well

We might start getting some respect in the riff, business centre, new stadium and lets not forget the ski slopes in the hottest place on Earth :rofl:

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Looks like there is no funding for the stadium in the state budget. Have to wait and see

I thought we were getting 300 million from the ANZ rebuild that is not going ahead, that was already allocated !

@Kevin I did a word search of the infrastructure portion of the budget and nothing came up even in forward estimates.

Only reference to stadiums was Western Sydney Stadium and SFS.

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