Pitch invasions

I used to work with him, surprised I didn’t recognise him (he hasn’t changed in the 3 years since I last saw him). To be fair I didn’t have a good look & was more interested in the game.

I wonder how important it was to him when he was flying / bussing all over the country side…earning big $$ while doing it.

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“… I did not want to stop play on grand final night and jeopardise the childhood dreams of 34 players, not to mention the joy and excitement of hundreds of thousands of fellow footy fans…”

Mark McLinden

But in saying that…

“With me was a T-shirt that read, ‘End Coal, Gas and Oil for our Children’, as well as a bike chain and lock that fit around my neck. My intention was to enter the pitch, lock on to the post and halt play long enough for my message to be read…"

Mark McLinden

While I am receptive to his message, he didn’t exactly choose the right channel to express it. Especially if his aim was to convert people that are “on the fence” about the issue. If anything he drove them away from his message.

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I agree with the message he was trying to get across, but like the people who block traffic, it causes people who are on the fence to turn against them, despite what they think.


This is what can happen if reasoned debate about critical issues is ignored by the decision makers. For example, look at the enraged demonstrations of Iranian women over the past couple of weeks. Ordinary folks mightn’t like the method and inconvenience, but such people as McLinden are prepared to suffer personally in order to try to give today’s kids (and future generations) a liveable planet. There is already a high enough concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to make the future look pretty horrible, and if global tipping points are reached then all bets are off. You rarely see a scientific issue with such an overwhelming consensus of relevant experts.


I wonder what happened to our pitch invader from the Manly game?

I’m guessing the message he was trying to get across is that he was a drunk idiot

Regarding the climate change debate…

There are 2 worrying trends I have noticed more & more over the years:

  1. People are becoming sceptical of anything scientists say, believing that scientists only say what they are being paid to say. While I can understand to a certain extent following the way the cigarette lobby & fast food lobby paid scientists to say their products were safe over the years, that does not mean that everything scientists say is a lie.

  2. The media often invite people with contrary opinions into the debate. These people sometimes have very little, if any qualifications to back their opinions. Even the ones that are qualified often quote faulty theses when offering their opinions.

It was reported by the Masked Panther that the steak was in a attempt to win $100,000 producing a viral video… he didn’t win.

Costly laugh

The man who ran onto the field during the Panthers v Sea Eagles match last Saturday would have had an expensive hangover the next day. He’s been fined by police and is likely to be banned from NRL games for life. It was all part of an online promotion, with the man hoping to win $100,000 for making a viral video. He didn’t win.

Masked Panther

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As a scientist who has worked in fossil fuels and uranium, but who has been a climate and sustainability activist for some time and has had very many conversations with folks who do not accept the science, I have skin in this game. I am as passionate as anybody about Penrith, going back to pre-global warming days, but just as passionate about giving today’s and future kids a liveable planet. So demonstrations always have the potential to cause irritation. What is clear is that the vested interests in fossil fuels have used the same playbook as the cigarette lobby, ie they can only sow doubt since the data are completely against them. I am always prepared to use my scientific training to examine any counter views, but rarely do I face rational argument.
For example, the furphy about climate scientists doing their role for the money. On the contrary, they have been saying for many years that the science is as close to proven as possible; the only driver for more research is to try to educate that subset of the population who don’t accept the science. Without that level of denial those scientists could do something else. We need to remember that over 99% of climate scientists understand the greenhouse effect, that human combustion of fossil fuels is the main driver and that on current trends there is an existential threat to most of humanity and most other species of fauna and flora. Also, Exxon, inter alia, knew this forty years ago and, after firing those scientists on their staff who had exposed these risks, has spent the intervening decades sowing doubt while they rake in the billions of dollars.
There is a weird push by some for a balanced debate. All the evidence points one way, despite the persistent cherry-picking of those in denial. This discussion has become political, but it shouldn’t have.


It doesn’t surprise me that the power industry (petrol & coal) use these same tactics. Any industry that is going to take a major hit, or be wiped out, because of the science would be doing the same thing.

For me, the proof comes from my observations during my working life. I have spent around 30 years working outdoors. Mostly as a professional driver, but also as a labourer for a number of years when I was younger. I also spent time as an RFS volunteer for a few years during my 20s.

The catastrophic bushfire season a few years back should have been enough proof that we are headed in the wrong direction. Unfortunately the deniers liked to point out that we’ve always had bushfires. :roll_eyes:

I’ve noticed the frequency & intensity of storms increase a lot in the last 10 years too, although part of that is due to the La Niña weather pattern.

With us reportedly going back into an El Niño weather pattern, I fear that the growth we’ve had due to the rain in recent years is going to become kindling for the next big fire season, probably within the next 2-3 years. I just hope that we are better prepared for it this time.

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How can wooden utensils be environmentally friendly?

  1. Trees needed
  2. Made in China
  3. How long does it take for a piece of wood to disintegrate into the Earth?
  4. What the hell am i doing, the header is Pitch Invasion :rofl:

As somebody who is also very much interested in climate and sustainability I could pick your brain for hours.

Might have to start a Climate Change thread in Off Topic… :wink:


Good idea, Steve. Global warming and sport are becoming inextricably linked. How long before cricket becomes a winter sport? And how long before footy is only played at night during March, April and September? The current Spring heatwave in India is a case in point.

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For those interested in talking about Climate Change, please refer to the new Climate Change Superthread. :earth_asia:

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