Police - Why would you join today!

Seriously, why would you want to join the Police force in todays climate. I have family and close friends who are cops and to be honest they are being “beaten” mentally by the job.

The do gooders of the world are up in arms about how the Police operate. I don’t want to discuss the other countries methods of ‘enforcement’ but here in Aus it is becoming farcical.

I don’t have any problems with the Police or how they do things, the reason for that is I DON’T DO ANYTHING WRONG !!!

Eventually the cops numbers will diminish significantly and the thugs will take over, anarchy will reign and us law abiding citizens will have no-one to protect us - I fear that day will come sooner rather than later !



You’re on the wrong website Kev…pantherpride forum is about footy and footy related issues…take your antiquated racist views elsewhere. There are systemic problems with law enforcement in this country…over 400 indigenous deaths in custody without one police officer being charged. Its murder. BLM

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Ease up please champ. This is an off topic thread.
You’re both entitled to your opinion but take it easy.
Isn’t Melbourne tonight enough to worry about

WOW Champ, like Puss said, it’s in off topic.

A lawless society will exacerbate your issue Champ…or will it !

Puss, might be best to remove the thread, apologies if I’ve caused any grief.

no, it stays for now. Respect one another’s right to have an opinion.
But understand there is no obligation on this site to agree with it and
to that end you don’t attack fellow Panther supporters.


I agree with what you say Kev, who would want to be a police officer. Ahead of the recent ‘protest’ someone pointed me to FB posts where instructions were given to attendees on how to antagonise the police with instructions to make sure you get video of the police reaction. Definitely people trying to fix things.

Back to the footy.


I have no problem with you discussing this, as long as it remains respectful.

If it gets out of hand, this thread closes.


Im sorry Kev my earlier post wasnt meant to be a personal attack on you…but having read it back it does come across as so. Please accept my genuine apologies. I will leave it there. Great win for the boys tonight.


I thought about it when I was young & fit, but wouldn’t want to these days.

Probably the worst thing they have to deal with now is what I call “Hero videos” - the people who start filming when the police have to get physical, but conveniently don’t film what has provoked the police in the first place.


Good point you make mutley, bit like the ‘celebrity’ footy player just out having a few beers with friends, gets a camera stuck in his face or on in a dark corner while someone tries to get a reaction.

Same with the police, it’s just a job and they want to get home to their families as much as the next bloke.

P.S. All good this end champ, what a great win !

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