Poll - Panthers Greatest Fullback never to play in a Grand Final

Who do you consider you best fullback to never play in a Grand Final?

Select up to 3 players.

Poll closes midnight Thursday.

If a tiebreaker is required, it will be run Friday-Saturday

  • Kevin Dann
  • Matt Moylan
  • Mark Levy
  • Peter Jorgensen
  • Robbie Robards
  • Neil Baker
  • Bobby Thompson
  • Matt Adamson
  • Peter Newsome
  • Michael Gordon
  • Dallin Watene-Zelezniak

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I have to admit that I have no memory of Newsome, he was a bit before my time.

My memories of Dann, Levy, Robards & Baker are limited too.

Despite the number of games Adamson played at fullback, I still see him in the forward pack.

Moylan and DWZ are both players who I had wraps on before they hit first grade, and early in their careers, but became disenchanted with as time went on.

I remember Thompson as a fair player, without being spectacular.

Jorgensen was a solid player, who did plenty of good things.

Gordon I see more as a winger, but he always put in a good showing, in a team that was more often than not under the pump.

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